Cannabinoids have resumed the discussion on natural health and with good reason. Research is constantly looking for new ways in which these hemp-based compounds can support and improve your health.
While THC and CBD have captured the public’s attention, other cannabinoids such as CBN have their special potential.

About CBN (Cannabinol)!

CBN is a fairly unusual cannabinoid, as it is not found naturally in hemp or raw cannabis. Cannabinol is created by breaking down THCA, the precursor of THC.
Many of the major cannabinoids, such as THC, begin life as CBGA in raw cannabis. As the essential enzymes in the cannabis plant break down CBGA, it becomes CBG, THCA, CBDA or CBCA. It is in this process that CBN begins to take shape.
If exposed to heat, THCA is converted into THC; For example, when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, THCA is converted into cannabinol acid. When CBNA is exposed to heat, it is converted to CBN through a method called decarboxylation.
Simply put, CBN is created when cannabis ages. Exposure to light, air, and heat ultimately transforms CBGA into cannabinoid CBN, which produces the sedative sensation known to cannabis users, particularly Indica enthusiasts, as a “sofa block”.

The advantages of CBN?

Although CBN does not occur in large quantities, it has been linked to some rather surprising potential health benefits.

CBN to stimulate appetite

In a laboratory test conducted on rats, CBN was found to stimulate appetite. Increase in food consumption and an increase in appetite and consumption behavior for the duration of the test. This test was the first time that CBN was shown to have this type of stimulating effect, leading researchers to conclude that CBN could serve as a mind-altering alternative to appetite-based drugs. THC.
More research will be needed, but CBN may offer new help to people suffering from loss of appetite due to illness or other medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

Pain Relief CBN

CBN has been found to be among the many cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. CBN influences the activity of capsaicin-sensitive neurons, which play a role in pain signaling and perception.
Considering the analgesic properties of CBD, these results suggest that cannabinoids can be incredibly useful in treating conditions without the potentially harmful side effects or risk of addiction that current opioid pain treatments represent.

Skin Conditions CBN

CBN has been found to reduce the proliferation of keratinocytes, a skin cell that produces keratin. Overproduction of keratinocytes is at the heart of common skin lesions in psoriasis. Combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBN could be good news for those with psoriasis.

Glaucoma CBN

People with glaucoma have been using cannabis for relief for some time now and research is starting to reveal why. Studies have found that cannabinoids like CBN are effective in reducing intraocular pressure.
If left unmanaged, intraocular pressure, a common symptom of glaucoma, can damage the optic nerve and cause vision loss and even blindness.

Cancer CBN

Cannabinoids like CBN have been studied for decades for their potential uses in cancer treatments. In a 1975 study in mice, CBN, together with THC, was found to inhibit tumor growth in a particular type of lung cancer. Mice that received CBN also had a longer average survival time than those who did not.
Research is ongoing, but these findings are in line with other interesting findings that have been found regarding cannabinoids and their ability to fight cancer.

Use of CBN

Given all these potential benefits, it is understandable that you want to add cannabinoids to your wellness routine.
The best way to do this is to use a full or broad-spectrum CBD oil. A full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids (including CBN) in the hemp plant, while a broad spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids except THC; this is an important distinction.
The 2018 Farm Bill prescribed that CBD oil products must have a THC content of 0.3% or less to be considered federally legal. Since most CBD-based products are derived from hemp plants that meet this low THC standard, finding law-compliant CBD oils is usually not a difficulty.
But sometimes CBD full spectrum oil products are made from cannabis plants without hemp. In these cases, the THC content may be higher than 0.3%. High THC products are legal for purchase in states that have legalized medicinal and/or recreational cannabis. Therefore, it is important to understand the laws of your state and check the cannabinoid content of any product before making a purchase.
You can refer to the certificate of analysis for a complete subdivision of the cannabinoids in the CBD product. Renowned CBD manufacturers submit their products to independent laboratories for testing and analysis and publish the resulting reports or certificates of analysis on their website. If you come across a company that doesn’t provide certificates of analysis, it’s time to do shop elsewhere.

Delivery and Dosage CBN

There are several different ways to consume CBN through a broad or full-spectrum CBD product. The delivery format you choose will depend on the needs you are trying to address.
For people who are hoping to receive some of the benefits of CBN skin, a CBD topic, such as a lotion or cream, maybe the best. It can be applied directly to the affected area, offering specific relief for the skin. For people with chronic pain and inflammation, a tincture of CBD oil, drops of CBD oil or a capsule of CBD oil may be the best.
CBD oil drops grant maximum dose control as it is possible to calculate the amount that drops to the literal drop. The capsules, on the other hand, are ideal for a constant dosage, as they offer the same amount in each pill.