A CBD Shatter comes in the form of a cannabis extract and is hard, translucent concentrate, which is similar in texture and exterior to crystal or glass. CBD shatter is one of the most beautiful and striking marijuana products readily available in the market in the present scenario. You can get as shatter, or locally known as Shatter-Wax, Shatter-Weed, or else Marijuana-Shatter. This product is highly sought after one and often gets floated on various social media platforms. In the early 2010s, the shatter burst against this scene in a significant way, giving the users of cannabis consumers a reliable, innovative method of vaping their much-loved strains.

Now, let us discuss what exactly a CBD shatter is. According to the CBD industry, most experts state that shatter is a kind of an extract from marijuana, created by the extraction of the essential oil of the plant. It consists of the cannabinoids, terpenes, besides various additional chemical compounds that can be easily found in a cannabis plant. 


Table of Contents

  • CBD Shatter – in real
  • Ways of using CBD Shatter
  • How is CBD Shatter Different?
  • CBD Shatter – its benefits
  • CBD Wax and CBD Shatter – a comparative statement
  • Uses of CBD Shatter for making CBD Oil
  • The bottom line
  • Frequently Asked Questions on CBD Shatter

Cannabis Extracts – in real

The cured or fresh cannabis material grounded thoroughly produces Cannabis. The result is a thick, gold, or amber-color cannabis oil, which is chock-full of the plant’s active chemical compounds—following the solvent purges from the shattered oil while using vacuum as well as heat. It then processes the resulting cannabis concentrate into a potential form, all-inclusive crumble, honeycomb, wax, budder, sap, live resin, and, most importantly, shatter.

Ways of using CBD Shatter

The popular method of CBD shatter consumption is the ‘dabbing’ process. For this, you require using the heating element, similar to a ‘dab rig,’ looking identical to a bong. A ‘dab rig’ is used for heating the CBD and isolates the same oil, wax, or else shatter, by putting it over a hot surface. Along with these dabbing rigs, you also get dabbing nails as well as torches. They are well-designed in vaporizing your CBD isolate for inhalation purposes. 

It is up to your personal preference of which all devices you choose for dabbing. Anything from big, to glass, or else bong-like devices, and the regular hand-held devices resembling vape pens can be used for dab purposes. So you must conduct a bit of research work before doing your dabbing mechanism because we all prefer to use those methods to suit your lifestyle best.

There are other ways of consuming CBD shatter if dabbing sounds a bit too problematic for you. You can blend CBD shatter into food and drinks, or just absorb the same by itself, or in a raw manner. Moreover, consume the same by mixing in the CBD-infused cocktails or adding a healthy dosage of this anti-inflammatory into your spaghetti sauce.

How is CBD Shatter Different?

There are few differences concerning CBD shatter and additional forms of extracts of marijuana. For many practical purposes, these are consumed similarly while having mostly the same range of potency. These cannabis extracts are cosmetic, and that is a significant difference. CBD shatter comes in amber or gold hue while being transparent in a precise manner. It has to do with the molecules being extracted in cannabis oil, which is the main reason for shatter concentration being semi-clear.  Too much heat, moistness, and the high content of terpene affect the texture and extraction process. 

It agitates the individual molecules present in the mix while making their outlook cloudy. The CBD Shatter never gets agitated while accounting for its translucency factor. 

This is the reason behind the difference behind the transparency of shatter and wax. And in comparison to other extracts, a shatter is very hard in nature. It often cracks and breaks when some pressure is applied to the same. Especially on a day having low temperature, a shatter cracks a lot, while sending shards of shatter off in all directions. In that manner, a shatter is most similar to glass. And it is more applicable when the same comes in the form of a thick slab.

How is CBD Shatter Different

Benefits of CBD Shatter 

A most important benefit of dabbing a CBD shatter offering an incredibly fast method of entering the bloodstream for cannabinoids, offering immediate effects, and a ‘less is more’ technique while using their Cannabis.

The CBD users dab once or twice in getting their cannabinoids, inhaling only vapor and not smoking, instead of smoking the entire joints and exposing your lungs to harmful chemicals in the smoke! It lasts longer before it is compared to wax degradation and additional extracts, which are similar.

So, to get the most of the CBD shatter, you should try heating lightly by heating the dabber before using it. It assists in breaking the dab from your shatter easily. 

CBD Wax and CBD Shatter – a comparative statement

CBD Wax and CBD shatter are two remarkable products, which are similar to each other. They both are CBD isolates, and both are used for dabbing purposes. Their color is also identical to amber yellow or the darker shade of yellow. You can get easily confused, owing to their ‘too-much’ of similarity.

Because of its exterior, you still have chances to frame the difference concerning CBD shatter and CBD wax. Both the duos are made in the same manner. As a final point, you will find not much variation when the question arises on smoking of CBD shatter above the smoking of CBD wax. Together they are utilized in the dabbing process – but then is what manner and in exactly which method it works? Let us read further to get the know-how on the same. 

CBD Wax and CBD Shatter

Uses of CBD Shatter for making CBD Oil

CBD shatter is used to make extra-potent CBD oil at home. You can measure out and create your own by infusing it with an ingredient like coconut oil. The CBD oil produced by you will only contain the components you desire. It has no presence of extra THC or else, any additional chemicals or toxic constituents present in locally bought oils. For artisanal products, like CBD bath bombs and CBD-infused shampoo, you can add your CBD oil along with CBD shatter. For making the same, you require a saucepan and the gas-stove. Mildly heat either one of the coconut, hemp or olive oil at a shallow temperature and your CBD shatters. Stir well for around ten minutes, for allowing all the ingredients to melt and mix well. Once done, you can add-on the rest of the components, like essential aromatic oils. Following that, let the mixture cool down. Earlier in the average temperature, transfer the entire oil in a glass bottle. For dosage, you have to make use of 1,000mg of CBD shatter along with 10ml oil. You will be consuming this oil with 10 percent CBD concentrate.

The bottom line

Owing to the very importance of CBD shatter, this particular analysis of the same is always required. A CBD shatter is none other than a CBD isolate product, looking the same to the CBD wax. A CBD shatter looks much clearer, as well as glossier, as compared to the CBD wax, which seems more on the dark side.  Moreover, a CBD shatter is kept ‘untouched’ for it to mature further. 

It is not difficult to use a CBD shatter. Instead, the easiest way to do the same is by utilizing dabbing it. But you have various additional options for using the CBD shatter and the CBD products. These calculate the CBD oil, CBD edibles, as well as the CBD vape oils. 

Frequently Asked Questions on CBD Shatter

Q. CBD shatter – what is it exactly?

A concentrated CBD isolate is CBD shatter. It is glass-textured and gets shattered quickly. Thus this name! 

Q. What are the additional CBD products found?

There are various sorts of CBD products, and the most popular amongst them is the CBD oil. You can also try your hands on numerous edibles like CBD gummies, CBD shatter, or else CBD vape oils.

Q. Are there any side-effects on CBD Shatter?

Various CBD shatters might come with some side effects on a handful of people. The most popular lot are all-inclusive factors like drowsiness, sleepiness, and nausea. But then it is not common, and generally depends on the oil usage, the quantity, level of concentration, taste, and brand. So, these benefits seem like overshadowing any probable after-effects that might take place.

Q. What are precisely the various concentrations of CBD oils in CBD shatter?

Various levels of concentration found in all sorts of CBD shatter reviews refer to the very fact of exactly how much ‘strength’ the oil has in it. So, it depends on the reason behind your purchase of CBD products, and how you require various cannabidiol amounts in the CBD oil.