Vape Bright review

The Vape Bright CBD is the pioneer of making high-quality CBD related products in today’s booming market. It caters to its consumer’s various requirements across the U.S. and certain parts of the globe. Moreover, it is the complete access to the premium-quality and hemp-driven CBDs.

Ben Smith, the chief chemist, is responsible for finding a way out to activate the cannabidiol formulated power with much higher strength within no time. Their initial product, ‘Thrive,’ overstated CBD’s most of the healing powers along with the new-found formula. In recent times, it is quite successful amongst all the revered consumers. Thrive’s success expands the consumers’ outlook, creating a global network of invested individuals, using their products regularly.

At present, further, expansion is still in progress in introducing additional new products. It is yet another step for sharing the paybacks of CBD with extensive spectators. It is just the initial step as more is, however, to rule the market very soon. Read below the detailed overview of the Vape Bright CBD, its related cost, and valuations.



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About Vape Bright CBD

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Vape Bright CBD– what is inside it?

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Quick Summary

The Vape Bright CBD got made in a joint effort for creating an unadulterated and alternate vape against the considerable amount of other products, which raises the eyebrows of many followers. These are found in various online retail outlets and many other certified vape outlets all over the U.S.A. 

This particular brand initiated as a small vaping company. But then all credits to the forming and the know-how of company CEO Jason Hand, this specific brand sells its entire product range consisting of healthy and hygienic cannabinoid oil. These all include chemicals or solvents to give them an extra boost.

This company is, by far, sincerely dedicated to its worth, legitimacy, and invention. It has plans of leaving gaps in its search to cater to the healthy CBD vaping to the interested multitudes. 

About Vape Bright CBD

While the question of CBD and its associated products arises, the entire focus is on the intake of oil tinctures. It is by putting a few drops underneath the tongue. Some of these Edibles and even CBD creams are yet another popular option. Then the question is, what is the real story about the concerned people having a liking towards vape? Are there any means of them to get an authentic daily dose of CBD, and also do some enjoyable activity?

In this quick review, let us grab an overview of the company’s entire product line-up. It is an effort to help you decide whether or not these are worthy of any investment. 

Distinguished as one of the best CBD Vape by Forbes. 



Vape Bright CBD – what is inside it?

Vape Bright CBD stands as a fully committed brand in the world of vaping. Its easy availability of the products is something to feast your eyes on. To purchase Vape Bright CBD oils via their well-acclaimed website, it is advisable to initiate your vaping experience with their Starter Pack. This pack comes well-stocked with cartridges, a battery, a charger, and a carrying case. The entire package is a steal for the price they are offering! The most important or the main apart is the Vape Bright ‘Thrive’ CBD Cartridge in the entire package. Its price ranges around $55, consisting of 250 mg of CBD.

Each serving size of the Vape Bright ‘Thrive’ CBD oil comes with ‘10 breaths/inhales’, with 20 such portions for every cartridge. Every serving contains a CBD of 10 mg. So, you are saving some money while purchasing a pack of 3, worth $128, or a pack of 5 worth $202.


Nothing can be done concerning the cartridges until the time you purchase the Vape Bright battery and entire vaping kit. It comes for $20, consisting of a cell, charger, and carrying case. Together also, if you want, you can purchase this Vape Bright Starter Kit consisting of all of these units. If you’re going to spend more, you can also club together 200 or 250 mg CBD vape cartridges, costing $55 and $60 singly for further use.

Quality of Product

Coloration and Viscosity

The Vape Bright oil’s color is as bright as amber-gold, having the central presence of CO2 mined oils. The dark and green colored oils tell about it not being filtered well. Or might also be the cause of little filtration. Also, it consists of micro-remains of the material driven from the main plant. When the color of the oil seems cleaner with a golden tint, it is due to more filtration that the product undergoes. In the CBD industry, the CO2 extracted oil is the most practiced one in the industry. It is expected from its safe preserving methods meant for the additional chemicals, which are the useful ones from the plant, like terpenes and other cannabinoids. The cannabinoids and terpenes blend well as the CBD oil, creating a complete, and a more full-bodied vaping product. It likely produces specific enriched effects, especially on the mind and body of the vaping individual. It is commonly known as the ‘back-up effect’ or the ‘entourage effect.’ It is the term used to describe how the chemicals work well when combined as a whole. 

Coloration and Viscosity

Owing to pre-filled cartridges, the conduct for a viscosity test is not possible sometimes. But then, before vaping, the oil in the cartridge is visible along with the amber-gold color. It is the main distinguishing factor of CO2 extracted oil.

Flavor and Scent

Smell –

No such smell found while exhaling. It thus gives a pleasant smell filled with non-natural sweet inducements.

Taste –

The taste of Vape Bright is honestly a non-flavored one. It has a delicate, amber syrupy taste lacking a better descriptor. This taste is mainly dominated by the hemp-based vaporizer oils that are too light. You will never notice this much, as this product generally inhaled with short and sweet puffs. It does not have a distinctive and recognizable flavor. Certain products do add on the extra characteristics, similar to strawberry or other fruity tangs. Often the taste is synthetic and unpleasant, but palatable. The Vape Bright stands more impersonal and refined taste-wise.

Flavor and Scent


  • 100% organic hemp oil
  • no presence of propylene glycol
  • no presence of nicotine
  • 200 mg CBD available per cartridge
  • CO2 extracted hemp oil only
  • Made in the USA
  • Vape Bright Starter Pack with battery costs around 60 dollars
  • Approximately 1 mg of CBD per puff
  • Recharges into USB port within 30 minutes
  • 100 inhalations available, with each battery
  • 3.2-volt set-up
  • Bright Care Guarantee – full refund money within 60 days of purchase if you are not 100% satisfied


How to Use 

It is effortless to set everything before you purchase Vape Bright CBD oil. Screw the cartridge tightly on top of the battery, while placing the tip of the cartridge in your mouth. Automatically the battery will start to operate once you start inhaling. Remember to use small puffs for preventing the device from getting overheated fast. Ten little puffs each time produces the best results.

You do not require to press any button apart from inhaling to initiate your vaping. The battery’s life counts to a total of 100 inhalations. So, recharge it halfway via every cartridge. It takes half an hour for the battery to get fully charged. To enjoy big vaping puffs, the Vape Bright CBD is the ideal one. The 3.2-volt setting is beneficial for heavier puffs. The carrying case looks very smart and handy. You can easily carry your vape device while you are traveling. Mostly, the whole product comes well-packed, giving excellent value for money.


Vape Bright always is known to keep its promise by catering to a thorough lab report. Before purchasing or ordering any of its products, you can witness the same on their website.

Vape Bright CBD does not have any amount of vegetable glycerin (V.G.) and propylene glycol (P.G.), as compared to other CBD vape products. 

Thus, without the addition of any P.G. and V.G. to their CBD vape oil, Vape Bright successfully sends out a clear message to its consumers. It claims their products to be clean and healthy devoid of the requirement of any possibly hazardous flavors. Though you do not get a massive cloud of smoke, you never do end up with a hit! Instead, the feeling is pleasant and well-flavored. Every single mini-puff you take has 1 mg of CBD, which is comparatively more than some of Vape Bright’s competitors. 


Yet, another clear sign of its oil quality is the amber-gold color. It always marks the presence of pureness. Vape Bright makes the most of CO2 abstraction, along with no chemicals added to the same. The outcome is none but unadulterated CBD oil. It caters to a huge boost in ‘well-being,’ as compared to old-fashioned smoking.

For some resemblance in flavor or any discrete odor, while you are inhaling, Vape Bright CBD oil is perhaps not the right one for you to use. It almost has no odor, minus any taste. On the other hand, you might feel much better, as attested by many Vape Bright’s delighted consumers.

CBD Oil details

The CBD oil extracted from organic hemp, minus any flavorings, apart from the presence of regular cannabis terpenes. It is included in the cartridge oil itself. Vape Bright stands tall as one of the handfuls of cartridge companies, which never adds any carrier oils, like propylene glycol (P.G.), into any of their products. 

P.G. is known as a standard chemical addition inside the vaporizer oils and cosmetics. It is instead a controversial one, as noted to be a poisonous substance by most consumers. P.G. boosts the cloud of smoke that one might prefer while exhaling. But that process is not the correct one. A huge smoke-cloud never means that you are unable to get the desired hit!


Vape Bright makes use of Co2 extracted hemp oil, as mentioned. This Co2 extraction is the standardized one followed amongst the extraction techniques. It is all due to its usage of excess pressure and temperature while extracting the oil, apart from the chemical solvents. The clean product of Vape Bright’s caters to a healthy and a good-flavored hit. The company also advises taking small puffs to avoid the device from getting overheated. It happens to owe to the CBD oil or the cartridge burning out fast. The battery is recharged and activated with every inhale. So, in all, the entire usage is straightforward.

Where to purchase Vape Bright CBD Oil?

It is best to buy Vape Bright CBD oil from its official website’s retail store. There are not many products where you can cherry-pick your preference. But then, this is the best thing, as your main intention is to consume high-quality CBD oil via vaping. Thus, the Vape Bright CBD carries out this task very well.

Vape Bright CBD ships its products to all 50 U.S. states with the aid of postal services and UPS.  Also, it ships to other countries around the world-wide, all-inclusive the E.U. territories. But for these places, international carrier charges apply.

The consumers are eligible for a full refund of money if they are not satisfied 100% with the Vape Bright CBD products. For this, you have to contact customer support within 60 days. You should call the Vape Bright customer service team for any minor or significant damages with the product upon receiving. Do the same within 48 hours of delivery of the package.

Pros and Cons of Vape Bright CBD

✔ Pros 

  • Absorbs very fast 
  • Bioavailability is best
  • Wholly backed with lab results
  • Convenient to use
  • No propylene glycol (P.G.)
  • No vegetable glycerin (V.G.)

✖ Cons 

  • Occasionally Inappropriate
  • Short-term vaping effects
  • Potential Health Hazards
  • Limited helpings
  • Costly


Essential aspects of Vape Bright CBD

Vape Bright always offers a Bright Care Guarantee. If you are not one of the 100% satisfied consumers with your purchased product, you are authorized to get back the full refund within 60 days’ time frame. It always seems high when companies, like Vape Bright, give their customers time to try their products under a guarantee period. Small guarantee times do not permit adequate consumer time for thoroughly assessing the package. As the company policy, Vape Bright never lists the whereabouts of the hemp they use. They also never disclose the information on whether they test the potency and contaminants of the hemp oil. 


➥ Final Thoughts on Vape Bright CBD Oil – legal or scam

In all, Vape Bright CBD Oil comes under the high-rated section of CBD vaping. The CBD oil is of excellent quality, with all the products wholly backed with laboratory tested fallouts. The packing is a specialized one, and the vaping device is effortless to use—moreover, the battery charges within no-time.

Regrettably, the main disadvantage is the cost! For many, $50 is an amount to pay for only 20 helpings.  And chances are less that Vape Bright CBD might lower its rates shortly.

Nevertheless, if you are asking for a right CBD vaping choice, the same one is better than most. You might get hold of some in a mall or vape shop, but they are certainly worth the investment and too authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does pure VAPE BRIGHT CBD get you high?

✏ Yes, it will get you high. Vape Bright’s CBD essential oils found in hemp through an organic process. So, these oils give a natural calming effect, without any addictive qualities that you might find in nicotine. 

Q. What are the benefits?

✏ The most apparent benefit of Vape Bright CBD is that it is pure, and produces a soothing effect. It will not get you too ‘high,’ as what you might get from smoking marijuana. Cannabinoids act as antioxidants helping to protect against any cellular damage while assisting in the production of any anti-anxiety effect. 

Q. Are there any side effects?

✏ There are no side effects with ape Bright CBD, and none reported so far. All of our products range anywhere from 0%-.3% THC. Most consumers think it to be a good substitute for smoking authorized marijuana. 

Q. What is the advantage of purchasing Vape bright CBD online?

✏ You will find some cannabis or hemp oil in your local health food outlet, but the truth is that you will get a product of better quality and purity by buying Vape Bright CBD online. Furthermore, your confidentiality will be secure during your procurement. You do not require to worry about anybody discovering what you have purchased. 

Q. Do you ship in all countries?

✏ We ship in all the states, all over the U.S.A, and some E.U. territories.