SOL CBD Review 

SOL CBD, an American brand, is always on the look-out for improvement in the present CBD market. The industry concerned is on the boom, estimating to be the multi-billion-dollar industry in the new future. Its popularity has just grown and grown, ever since the release of products.  At present, various CBD brands are shooting up like mushrooms with the aid of all the money in this industry. With the on-going competitive market, it is difficult to find and choose the most trusted brand. Fortunately, there are various means and ways of differentiating between a good, average, or worse product. Read below the review of SOL CBD, before investing in the same.


Table of Content

  • SOL CBD – quick summary
  • SOL CBD –  the inside story
  • SOL CBD – product line
  • Sol CBD – purchasing system
  • SOL CBD – pros and cons
  • Final Thoughts on Sol CBD – Is it legal or scam?
  • Frequently asked questions

SOL CBD: quick summary

All of the products, Sol CBD, consist of proper laboratory verification reports and related documentation. Their products are 100% hemp-driven. Also, they have 100% transparency in their entire product, as well as their CBD business. They are dedicated to offering the highest quality CBD products at the best price. Moreover, their customer support system is very reliable and active. 

 SOL CBD – the inside story

Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky, a married couple, founded SOL CBD, believing passionately over the natural healing power. Being in the wellness field for some time around eight years, the Ostrovskys started branching out into the CBD world. They had a goal or motive behind the same while offering the finest and highest-quality CBD products. The team is continuously improving its outcomes while delivering the out-and-out best to its revered customers. What’s more? They are fully dedicated to customer service. SOL CBD believes in transparency and honesty by following its valuation over monetary gain. Following this, their prices are the perfect reflections in making their products perfectly accessible to regular CBD users.

SOL CBD – product line 

SOL CBD caters to a vast product range, aiding with good saving options, provided if a lot of CBD is purchased. Initially, you buy two or three containers while saving some money. Followed by that, you can get the orders shipped per month, under the Loyalty Autoship Program. This helps in sending the product that you have selected directly to your residence each month while providing an even more considerable discount!

SOL CBD Capsules

SOL CBD Capsules are the easiest way to ingest the CBD and are made from the US grown organic hemp. The entire CO2 extraction draws out the cannabinoids from the plant while guaranteeing that no chemical solvents are used while manufacturing these products.

All capsules are vegetarian-friendly, consisting of full-spectrum cannabinoids as well as terpenes. The 15 mg of CBD in each capsule should be taken once daily. The container comes with 30 capsules, which equates to 450 mg of total CBD. The entire box comes around $69.

SOL CBD tinctures and oils

SOL CBD comes with a variation of CBD Tinctures. The Whole Body Activation Tincture intends to optimize health using delivering cannabidiol to the entire body. The hemp extract comes suspended in an MCT oil, similar to the CBD capsules. Seemingly, this increases the sublingual oil’s effectiveness, once you swallow the same. Moreover, it is purely vegetarian-friendly. Approximately 60 helpings come with the dropper.  And, there are varied flavors you can choose from:

  • SOL CBD Natural Flavour costs around $65.00
  • SOL CBD Cinna-mint Flavour around $65.00
  • SOL CBD 3600 mg High CBD Tincture around $397.00

The last tincture comes with 3x more CBD apart from the initial two. It has more CBD as compared to the others. 

SOL CBD Liposomes

A relatively new product on the market, Liposomal CBD, is the master production of SOL CBD. Principally, the SOL CBD Liposome is none, but the CBD oil dissolved well in water to get the full effect. It is a handy product, but sometimes you might not like the flavor of hemp but want to make CBD beverages! Leaving aside all these minor issues, you should be aware of the usefulness these liposomes have while interacting with the entire body. 

The SOL CBD Liposome is produced from phospholipids extracted from sunflower, egg-yolk, and soybeans while containing an entire range of cannabinoids as well as terpenes. These liposomes are available in a glass bottle with a pump-style lid. This Liposomal CBD is available in the flavor of Orange Twist, which helps in evading the hemp taste thoroughly. The entire product is manufactured by using natural and organic flavorings. The serving size recommendation comes around four pumps in plain water. You have to consume the same twice per day. A single bottle, minus any discount, costs around $95.


If you are an ardent lover of CBD topicals, then SOL CBD caters to that, also. The CBD Herbal Balm comes well-blended. It has 13 natural, organic, and skin-nourishing components, similar to grape seed oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary leaf extract, and goodness of CBD. This tub measuring 40z/120ml comes with 125 mg of CBD, costing around $59. But the costing is devoid of any offers or discounts.

SOL CBD for Pets

Many people give CBD to their pet dogs. But you should ensure that the CBD given to your four-legged friend, acts as a supplement, mainly aimed at the animals. The pet’s SOL CBD tincture comes with 100 mg of CBD, costing around $37.

SOL CBD product

Sol CBD – purchasing system

You have to purchase the entire product directly from the official website of the company. Sol CBD provides high-end quality customer support while solving all the related queries. The shipping is free for all orders that are over and above $75. And you have to pay a flat shipping rate of $4.95 if products are ordered below the amount mentioned earlier. You can receive the entire merchandise within four days if staying within the US.  

SOL CBD – pros and cons

Pros ✔

  • SOL CBD caters to a 60-day money-back guarantee system, provided the customers are not satisfied with any of their products. 
  • Third-party laboratory verification reports are available easily concerning every product. This fits rightly with the transparent values of the company.
  • The vast product range is readily available on their official website, all-inclusive the CBD liposomes. 
  • The customer service section acts promptly.

Cons ✖ 

  • They supply their product range only in and around the US.
  • The amount of CBD in each product is not mentioned clearly. 
  • The CBD intake instruction is not noted with each product.
  • The range of CBD strengths is too limited.
  • Most of the products are costly.

Final Thoughts on Sol CBD – Is it legal or scam?

Sol CBD believes in bringing CBD at an affordable cost to those in need. They being a small organization, offer few products, but only provide the best quality high-end products. Their reviews are highly positive, as they emphasize mostly on high-end quality, organic products. Moreover, it shows clearly that all these product components are well-sourced. 

SOL CBD presently has many chances of expanding, especially with that level of transparency and commitment to customer care.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why should CBD oil be purchased from SOL CBD?

The SOL CBD founders provide the legal substitute that is CBD oil, with the aid of their cannabidiol.  Their entire Hemp CBD oil products are manufactured in the USA only. The CBD of premium quality is extracted from a particular hemp strain claimed for its substantial potency on cannabidiol. After that, with the aid of laboratory verification, it ensures the purity and transparency of CBD, available in the cannabis market. 

Q. What is the usefulness of buying pure CBD online?

The reality shows that you will get a better product with purity and clarity by purchasing SOL CBD online. And, privacy is always under-cover during your purchase. Thus, you never have to worry about anybody getting to know what you have purchased. 

Q. How many CBD products do they have?

SOL CBD has a vast range of products, including capsules, creams, and many more, in providing seemingly endless options for your product requirements. They cater to pet CBD products also!

Q. What is the shipping time?

The average shipping time is four business days and only shipped in and around the US.  

Q. Are there any lab tests conducted for all products?

Yes. All of the products of SOL CBD are third-party tested, assuring quality and purity. These reports are readily available with every purchase of their CBD products.