Smart Organics Review

Smart Organics is the best choice for a company with transparency, purity, and unwavering dedication concerning quality products. In 1986, Smart Organics took birth and was perhaps one of the highly experienced companies, CBD domain has ever had. They specialize predominantly on making CBD products related to the field of sports, fitness, apart from health food items.

The thirty years of experience of the company caters to the benefits of their revered customers while providing them with high-quality CBD items in the form of nutritional and health supplements and organic markets. Smart Organics is well-known for maintaining its quality standards and superiority in the CBD market.

They continuously offer their esteemed customers with high-end, USDA-certified components, which is supported by modern science and nutrition development.



✦ Smart Organics Company – a quick summary

✦ An overview

✦ Company Standards of Smart Organics

✦ The Quality assurance of Smart Organics’

✦ Laboratory verification with certificates

✦ Smart Organics Product line

✦ Product Cost of Smart Organics

✦ Shipping rules of Smart Organics

✦ Product return policy

✦ Appraisals and Views

✦ Pros and cons of Smart Organics CBD

✦ Final Verdict on Smart Organics – Legal or Scam?

✦ Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Organics Company – a quick summary

Several brands are available on the market producing CBD oils, balms, and topical, but not all offer organic products. CBD oil not having any natural components increases the chance of fillers and various types of artificial preservatives and ingredients. It diminishes potentially the usefulness of the product, which is expected to provide to the CBD users.

Smart Organics focuses on manufacturing a variety of hemp oil products, which are all duly certified as being organic ones. Read below to get an overview of this brand, while considering the product quality and getting the know-how about the valued customers’ reviews. 

SMART ORGANICS quick summary

An overview

Smart Organics, the U.S.-based company, has its headquarter in New York’s Island Park. The company’s products are sold in various CBD stores and have an official website, and the consumers learn more about the varied ranges of the brand’s products. But then, these products cannot be purchased via their website. The consumers are supposed to place their orders via a phone call or else visit the nearest store catering to their products—several health dealers stock all these products produced by this brand. The website, too, has a store locator functioning conveniently.

Smart Organics products are made in the United States, while the hemp plants are used for the extraction process of CBD oil. This entire gamut is obtained locally. Product as the whole range is vegan, holding a USDA organic certification. The U.S. Halal Food Council thus certifies the company’s products. 

Company Standards of Smart Organics 

Smart Organics believes in high-quality, product transparency, and clarity. All components are in the formulation of their products, sourced with the utmost care and attention. The concerned company personally deals with all customer queries and preferences.

They are very hell-bent with the concept of partnership with all the other CBD producing companies. These are environment-friendly and dedicate their production quality over Smart Organics products. Their revered customers’ remains always assured over their purest and high-end components that are used in Smart Organics’ products. Their products are all sourced from the most prominent domestic and global companies.

Smart Organics products are natural in design. This particular CBD company guarantees their products’ safety and bioavailability for all age-groups by storing the products in their most pure form.  

The quality assurance of Smart Organics

Smart Organics gets all its raw hemp from their European farms, which are thus 100% non-GMO certified. Only the most excellent quality of natural hemp is used in the formulation of the entire product range.

After the hemp harvest is over, it goes under various other manufacturing facilities. The Smart Organics gets a wide-ranging hemp test for ensuring security, strength, and effectiveness.

With their original, three-part procedure, Smart Organics goes with filtering and using the supercritical CO2, while extracting the full-spectrum CBD oil from the raw hemp. Following the same, these samples are tested again by the third-party lab technicians. The revered customers are given the “Quality Assurance” certificate along with the tab on all products.

These hemp-based products do not have any left-over thinners, artificial pesticides, herbicides, and thick metallic pieces. The third-party laboratory tests always ensure the extracts of CBD Oil, which contains no THC virtually.

Laboratory verification with certificates

For any CBD oil company, the third-party lab-test reports act very significantly. These laboratory verification reports build trust between both the consumers and the company. The lab certificates come with a generic view on the cannabinoid used in the products.  The laboratory verification test tries to get hold of the presence of any oils having any heavy metallic pieces, artificial materials, or other poisonous substances. 

Smart Organics Company has a dedicated official page offering its customers access to all these lab certifications. These product test certificates consist of a detailed outline of the pureness of the CBD oils, which the brand offers. 

Smart Organics product line

Smart Organics products come in various ranges that never make the decision-making of the customer difficult. The products – 

Original CBD Oil Tinctures

Advanced CBD Oil Tinctures

Children & Youth CBD Oil Tinctures

Hemp Pet



Relieving Salve


Product Cost of Smart Organics

Smart Organics’ product pricing has always been pocket-friendly, so that the interested customers get the most of their CBD items, without any hassle.  There is a generalized idea given concerning the product prices on the company’s official website. So, before buying, it is worth noting that the rates might differ while planning to purchase at a local dealer, who keeps Smart Organics products. 

Shipping rules 

The Smart Organics customers should call for placing an order, and the company caters to free shipping on all orders over $49.99. It is only inside the U.S. Moreover, and the company prefers global shipping, aided with a different contact number for all global consumers. They can call for placing an order, with a flat rate of $12 for transportation.

Product return policy

Smart Organics caters for a month trial for all their products. It is so when the customer purchases directly from the producer, like ordering over the phone. But according to the company rules, a third-party store refund is never a guaranteed one. The user has to return the product to the third store to get back the money. Consumers should mail back the untouched product portion of the Smart Organics, apart from an explanation letter, stating the reason for dissatisfaction. Also, the customers are to bear with the return shipping charge, along with a certain refilling fee.

Appraisals and views

The customer reviews help the company in gaining a positive status related to its CBD oil products. Their studies stand useful, and so is claimed by the manufacturer. Most online sites have offered excellent and helpful info in regards to the brand. Smart Organics also have various agents who actively deal with their products.

The number of reviews on the social media page is generally an eye-opener for the customers. The satisfied experiences of the users help in decision making while purchasing Smart Organics products. Barring a handful of notable complaints, their product reviews generally come under the first category. So, before buying the Smart Organics CBD products, the individual should verify by visiting their official website. They should carefully take a glance over the detailed specifications of the products, visit the review section, and consider the pros and cons. Then they should proceed with their final decision on any product.

Pros and cons of Smart Organics CBD 

Pros ✔

  • The third-party laboratory thoroughly conducts tests on all CBD products
  • Clearly outlines the selection and extraction process
  • The US. grows, processes, and manufactures all products
  • No harsh chemicals, THC or are used in the products. 
  • High-end product quality
  • All over the United States, free shipping is permissible
  • A vast selection of CBD products on their official website
  • With the benefit of an extremely high amount of bioavailability, Softgels work fast and effectively. 

Cons ✖ 

  • Products are very costly.
  • Some products misses-out on lab-tests
  • The delivery of the product takes time.

Final Verdict on Smart Organics – Legal or Scam?

Smart Organics manufactures hemp-based CBD items under the certification of USDA Organic. And their CBD products have all the advantages of the compounds of cannabidiol. The products are priced in a pocket-friendly manner, and the customers can choose different mixtures. Thus, it ensures the interested individual in obtaining the ideal product due to the severity of the symptoms they are experiencing. Moreover, this CBD Company caters with a full and detailed summary of the manufactured products’ laboratory test reports. Generally, the consumers’ reviews are positive, claiming their satisfaction with Smart Organics products’ usefulness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Terpenes – what are they?

✍ The compounds of Terpenes are full of different aroma, and flavors are taken from herbs, specific fruits, and foods. The terpenes in CBD permit them to bind with the cannabinoids and to increase their bioavailability. It thus maximizes their strength, as well as usefulness. For instance, Smart Organics’ Advanced CBD Oil 240 mg with Terpenes consists of one mg of Ginkgo Biloba. The same is derived from terpene, with each serving. It increases the circulation and absorption while improving the efficiency besides flavor of the CBD product.

Q. What do milligrams and percentages mean on the product label?

✍ CBD’s per bottle mentions the total milligrams, which are also listed on the front label. The product percentages come under the formula of a standardized concentrative, which is an active CBD in the raw form. 

Q. Does CBD get one high?

✍ Not at all, CBD being non-psychoactive, the chances of getting one high is less. CBD never acts on the same lines as THC, which can get one ‘high.’

Q. What does CBD (Cannabidiol) mean?

✍ Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychoactive component originating from hemp plants grown in Europe. Cannabidiol (CBD), an antagonist is a CB2 nourishing the cannabinoid receptors and cells in the body. Thus, it regulates the endocannabinoid system as a whole. This endocannabinoid system comprises four significant purposes, namely, Neuro-protection, Stress-recovery, Immune-balance, as well as Homeostatic-regulation. 

Q. If Smart Organics CBD products are used, will one test positive for THC?

✍ The material used has the raw material of a low percentage, like 0.3% THC. No THC gets detected in the products when verified in the laboratory. The detailed test results are readily available to get the know-how on their official website.