Pure CBD Vapors is one amongst the other CBD oil companies swarming with commonplace CBD sellers. This company stands as an open-hearted change from most of the distinctive ‘abc’ CBD corporations. It is because they do things differently.

Purely for vapors, the Pure CBD vapors company caters for a good range of vape oils used with any e-cig mod or vaporizer variations. Apart from most companies, this particular brand has the provision of a selective range of specific vape oils. They, rather than focusing on additional health and beauty, concentrates mainly on vape oils.

For passionate vapers, many companies cater to only one variety of CBD vape oil. And, this brand provides more than 30 CBD vape oil products. There are assorted flavors, which you can try, in a literal sense. And, all comes with added health benefits of CBD.

Pure CBD vapors offer specific, most tasty, and high-quality products in the U.S.A. since 2014. This company has gained popularity for the wide vape oils variety, along with its excellent customer support and satisfaction. Pure CBD opens the opportunity for its passionate vapers to try out their high-quality product, which will keep them asking for more. Each product of the company is tested thoroughly in the laboratory for pureness and quality assurance. Moreover, their products meet the gold standard, as set by various CBD oil expert users.



Pure CBD Vapors Review Quick Summary

Pure CBD Vapors – what is inside it?

Pure CBDVapors – importance, and difference

Is Pure CBD Vapors More Than Just an E-cig Flavor Store?

Reason for buying CBD Vape-Oil from Pure CBD Vapors

Obtainable CBD Vape-Oil Flavors

Pros and Cons of Pure CBDVapors

Final thoughts on Pure CBDvapors – Legal or Scam

Frequently Asked Questions

Pure CBD Vapors Review Quick Summary

A lot many reasons are liable for the success of CBD in recent times. It was not long that T.H.C. was the lone thing common in the cannabis plant. But in the present moment, the same has been taken over by CBD.

CBD is a cannabinoid mainly found in the cannabis plant. It has many similarities to T.H.C., and it does not come with any psychoactive properties. Thus, it makes it a popular choice for patients who don’t want to get high when they take it.

This organic and natural course of remedy turns into a popular choice, apart from many evidence found online, suggesting it to be a worthy substitute. It also connotes the presence of hundreds of companies online and other retail outlets who attempt to become the next best CBD Company!

Though all of them cannot become under the list of recommendations, the review below will assist you further to decide further.


Pure CBD Vapors – what is inside it?

Pure CBD Vapors’ the Wowi Maui CBD Vapor E-Liquid is a suitably sized e-juice that comes with a tropical aroma and 50mg of total CBD.  The daily use  products by Pure CBD Vapors, along with the iPuff and Pure Spectrum Honey Oil pens  have added e-juice flavors, namely Purple Haze, Strawberry Bliss, and Peach Kush.


10ml flagon

50mg total CBD

Hemp-derived oil

Made by propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin

Natural, organic and artificial flavors

Produced through terpenes

Made in the U.S.A.

Hemp source unidentified

Costs $29.99 per 50mg flagon

Significance of color about a CBD Oil

E-juice categorizes on its own when the question comes to CBD oil. The difference concerning their products is the most distinguished one, over the other constituents. Extracts like propylene glycol besides vegetable glycerin are a collective of e-juices like the Wowi Maui. But, propylene glycol free products have an additional charm for a shared insight. P.G., a synthetic composite factor, is poisonous. The Wow Maui e-juice is smooth and  a bit solvent as compared to other e-juices on the market.  And these changes in color and viscosity are comparatively smaller than the other  products on the market.

Flavor and Smell

The Wowi Maui comes in a tropical, fruity aroma. There are four various aromas available in this Pure CBD Vapors line — Purple Haze Strawberry Bliss, Wowi Maui, and Peach Kush. So, you have all the provision of purchasing this four-pack on their official website.


Pure CBDVapors – Importance, and difference

Pure CBD vapors and their products are similar to the e-juices available in the market. The reason being its intention of vaping with the aid of traditional e-juice expedients. The entire range is produced in the U.S.A.’s United States Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) lab. No added nicotine is found in these products. PureCBDVapors.com has joined hands with NORML, Americans for Safe Access, and Project CBD. The company never claims about the laboratory testing results. Barring the absence of any  potency guarantee, Pure CBD Vapors e-commerce retail outlet sells products from all new companies and sellers. So it is an excellent site for purchasing and getting the know-how of the products available in the CBD market.

Is Pure CBD Vapors More Than Just an E-cig Flavor Store?

The name of the company claims that it only sells vape oils infused with CBD! But that is not the real fact. You will be amazed to witness the full range of products listed when you visit the brand’s site.

The brand’s site caters for all variations of CBD products, like –

✎ Vape oils

CBD oil tinctures

CBD Pain relief

CBD Capsules plus drinkable

CBD health plus beauty

CBD used for pets

Juul compatible CBD vape pods

CBD Vape starter kits plus cartridges

CBD Dabs, Waxes, plus shatter

CBD pens plus empty cartridges

CBD edibles

CBD Vape drips plus concentrates

CBD Vapors devises high-class products prepared by the brand itself. Pure CBD Vapors follows strict values and only accepts those products from its genuine manufacturers who meet their gold standard level. All products registered on the site are verified in the laboratory for pureness and clarity.

Thus, if you are searching for the best CBD oil product, this shop is where you will find what you are looking for. Every single product means providing you fast relief via faultless making.

Reason for buying CBD Vape-Oil from Pure CBD Vapors

With CBD infused E-juice an entire gamut of things is what one requires to know. The main difference between the good, bad, and the ugly CBD vape oils lies in the vape oil constituents, in the real sense.

You might be familiar with the usage of P.G. and V.G. ratios in e-cig flavors if you are an ardent vaper. A CBD company should try striking the perfect balance of P.G. and V.G. owing to the amount of CBD added to them. And this changes the way they react with mods and vaporizers. Many companies produce CBD vape oils and are not able to strike this perfect balance anyhow. As a vaper, this signifies a parched hit and scorched puffs. But with Pure CBD Vapors, the ideal e-juice well intended for vaping via any device is what you will get. Their products will never affect you with a parched hit without giving your score and burnt puffs.


Obtainable CBD Vape-Oil Flavors

What is the benefit of relying on a good vape oil company who never caters for assorted flavors for vaping? Contrasting the other CBD companies having only a standardized CBD vape oil flavor, Pure CBD Vapors devises four outstanding characteristics worth trying. These flavors consist of.

✔  Peach Kush

✔  Strawberry Bliss

✔  Purple Haze

✔  Wowi Muai

These e-juices are obtainable in bottles of 10ml comprising 25mg CBD besides 10ml bottles containing 50mg CBD. The more substantial the CBD, the better you will get a feeling. However, for learners, it is commended to initiate with 25mg bottles.

As an additional benefit, Pure CBD vapors also list e-juices from other notable CBD vape oil companies. It means that you can try more than four flavors as the shop is chock full of various assorted CBD vape oil products.


Pros and cons of Pure CBDvapors


➜ Every single product is lab tested by a third party.

➜ Vaping CBD Oil is more efficient than ingesting sublingual ones.

➜ Tasteful Packing.

➜ It only carries trusted/proven CBD brands.

➜ Efficient delivery system of Vaping, Sublingual, or Edibles.

➜ Finest Pricing.

✖  Cons 

➜ Health hazards

➜ Fast addiction

➜ No proper lab test report found

Final thoughts on Pure CBDvapors – Scam or Legit

Pure CBD Vapors has successfully created a platform for most different CBD companies to sell their merchandise.

But there is still one main disadvantage of doing things in this manner. Pure CBD Vapors have not been able to cater to any lab test reports for every single product which they recommend.

And, this does not claim well for the security and potency of all products. It is vital as the customer should know exactly how much CBD is present in a product, apart from its safe consumption. Devoid of this, there is no other procedure of endorsing this type of market and suggesting you go somewhere else for your CBD vape products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is unadulterated E-juice in Pure CBDvapors ?

✍ It is a ground-breaking product becoming one of the most common types of E Juices world-wide. Pure CBD Vapors ships their products to all 50 states in the U.S. And slowly, they are now catering world-wide. 

Q. Are there any paybacks of pure CBD E-liquid?

✍ The most noticeable payback of Pure CBD is that it produces a soothing effect, but will never get you ‘high’ like smoking marijuana. One recent research shows that cannabinoids are antioxidants helping to protect against any cellular damage. It also helps in producing an anti-anxiety effect. 

Q. Is the benefit of buying pure CBD online?

✍ The reality shows that you will get a better product with purity and clarity by purchasing Pure CBDvapors online. And, privacy is always under-cover during your purchase. Thus, you never have to worry about anybody getting to know what you have purchased. 

Q. What is the shipping time?

✍ The average shipping time is five business days. But sometimes it might take up to seven to ten business days on selected products. 

Q. Is the lab test done for all products?

✍ Yes. All of the products are third-party tested, assuring quality and purity.