CBD is the new craze that is far-reaching all-across the U.S. and the entire world. And it will stay for long! 

Irrespective of you trying CBD or not, you most likely might have heard of the same. CBD has proven its worth as a legal, organic, and natural substitute, generally taken as prescribed medicine.

Numerous companies are competing to draw the attention of the CBD consumers, hoping to sell their customized version of the same. But then a handful of them are worthy of giving much consideration. Read below the review of one of the well-acclaimed CBD Company catering to the maximum requirements of all CBD lovers. 

POPULUM REVIEW quick summary


✦ Populum quick summary

✦ Company basic info

✦ Populum CBD Oils – lesser-known facts

✦ Product Lines

✦ Populum Product Line-up – in details

✦ Pros and Cons of Populum

✦ Final Thoughts on Populum – legal or scam?

✦ Frequently asked questions

Populum quick summary

The name of the company is from the Latin phrase ‘ad populum’, which means ‘for the people.’ Populum comes under the row of premium CBD Company located in the suburbs of Arizona. It was established in 2016 and has successfully removed the dogma revolving around the usage of hemp. It has brought the CBD in front of a wide range of consumers and stands as the first American CBD company offering a month’s ‘no-risk test’ to their new CBD users.

Populum has a curated CBD product list, which includes oil, pills, a balm with natural botanicals, and a low dose of CBD oil, specially formulated for your pet buddies. The shipping of all products is without any cost. And all products carry a certificate of the lab-test examination.

POPULUM REVIEW quick summary

Company basic info

  • Company history – Populum launched in Arizona in 2016.
  • BBB rating – Populum currently holds an ‘A-‘rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Retail stores – Populum does not operate any retail outlet.
  • Customer support – support@populum.com | (855) 872-2772 | Populum.com

Populum CBD Oils – lesser-known facts 

Resources and third-party testing

Populum generally uses non-GMO hemp that is grown in Colorado. The CBD is extracted from the hemp with the usage of the full-spectrum distillation process of Populum’s. This proprietary process removes unwelcome compounds. The THC has a detectable level of below 0.3% and thus does not affect.

The CBD extract blends with the botanic constituents, in the form of plant oils, essential aromatic oils, and additional plant extracts. It improves the product’s taste and effectiveness. The GMP-certified facility is used to pack all products. 

All product pages have the most significant elements offering a full product catalog for viewing. The third-party laboratory testing caters to the users’ comfort level, which they are buying from a trustworthy company. Populum’s CBD products undergo two forms of lab-testing. 

Taste and presence

Hemp CBD Oil: 

Populum caters to the hemp flavor with a strong smell of earth, which makes their Hemp CBD oil more attractive and tempting for their consumers to use. Most of their products make good use of cold-pressed orange aromatic oil. These citrus-flavored oil curbs down the dense aromas and tastes. The essential oil’s usage permits flavor minus any sweeteners or seasonings. A slight hemp flavor rests in all their CBD products. Moreover, the product reviews stand always positive from both customers and dealers.

Hemp CBD Capsules: 

Customers preferring neutral flavor should find Hemp CBD capsules interesting. These soft gels are easy-to-swallow, yellow-hued along with a mild botanic aroma. It makes them easy to use, either inside or while moving. 

Cold Therapy Hemp Rub: 

Populum’s Cold Therapy Hemp Rub has slight traces of smell from raw hemp and is overpowered by the smell of mint. It thus caters to a calming and cooling menthol effect while applied. The balm is a light and an opaque gel that spreads easily and absorbs quickly.

Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil: 

Populum’s Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil works best for all pet buddies to boost their health. Its hemp scent is heavier, apart from the light coconut aroma from pressed coconut oil. Pet owners drop the oil into their pet’s mouth or add it to their meal. 

TASTE AND PRESENCE of populum product


CBD users can get the know-how concerning their right dosage with the aid of personalized testing. Populum gives its users a relatively pint-sized selection of potency for all their CBD products. It also means taking more CBD oil while keeping track of the varied CBD dose instructions. 

A regular CBD user generally requires a moderate to the high dose of CBD oil. And, it can be procured in daily doses of 33 mg for one helping. And for the pills, you are to ingest 8 mg of CBD oil for each soft gel. 

Pricing and Discounts

Populum always has a policy of providing the U.S. Army veterans with a good 25% discount on all their CBD products. 

Orders, Delivery, and Packing

Populum deals with the free shipping of their products. But then, it never ships outside of the U.S., owing to federal rules and regulations. The entire shipping is carried forward over USPS.

With the aid of no-cost shipping, the product deliveries generally arrive within a week. Their revered customers also opt for an urgency mail, which can be procured for an extra $7. These deliveries even arrive within a time-frame of three to five working days.

At any point in time, the orders can be canceled. But make sure to do so, until the end of the shipment. These products can also be returned by contacting the Populum customer support section, with the aid of the packages’ USPS tracking number.

Happy and satisfied customers can also avail of their monthly subscription and offers a discount of 20% too!

Return policy

While shopping for Populum, the customer is eligible for a month-long trial, which is liable for each customer. The month-long trial period initiates when the product is received. Populum buoys up its clients using the entire product amount before deciding whether it will work right for them. Nonetheless, product returns are generally accepted at any time.

These returns should be done by contacting Populum’s customer support team. And most reviews showcase that their clients were finding the process to be very user-friendly. 

Product Lines

-Hemp CBD Oils

-Hemp CBD capsules

-Cold Therapy hemp rub

-Zen pets calming hemp Oil

Populum Product Line-up – in details

Hemp CBD Oil: 

It is a CBD oil with full-spectrum and blends well with grape seed oil along with the oil of pressed coconut. The entire product has a flavor of orange aromatic oil. This CBD oil is packed in bottles of 30 ml capacity with 250, 500, and 1,000 milligrams concentrations. 

Hemp CBD Capsules: 

Their CBD pills are gluten-free and made of gelatin.  Each pill has 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, containing 30 doses per bottle.

✔ Cold Therapy Hemp Rub: 

It is a menthol balm having 0.9 mg of full-spectrum CBD per milliliter. Additional botanical components like arnica, chamomile, as well as aloe vera, present inside the same cater to a soothing effect.

✔ Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil: 

The Zen Pets Calming Hemp oil is a good and effective mixture of full-spectrum oil extracted from the hemp seeds and pressed coconut. It is generally given to all pet buddies for their health benefits. 

All the products of Populum are manufactured using the raw hemp that is grown in Colorado. The same is cultivated by most of the farmers of the U.S.  The entire CBD gets extracted with the use of the simplified process of full-spectrum. It leaves a few traceable THC, and all of the products have a below-percent percentage of 0.3 THC limit. Populum’s CBD products thus never cater to any psycho-active potentials.

In all, Populum stands beneficial for the promotion of healthy sleep while keeping any pain and anxiousness under control. Populum’s orange-flavored CBD oil besides the mentholated balm gives it an excellent substitute. Moreover, Populum’s month-long trial gives its users the chance to decide further usage.

populum product

Pros and Cons of Populum 

Pros ✔

  • Every order caters to free shipping.
  • It permits a month-long risk-free trial for all products.
  • Each product has the lab analysis, along with the product batch number. 
  • A 20 % discount on month-wise subscriptions is given on all products.
  • Veterans can avail 25% discount.
  • Complementary natural ingredients are used to make CBD products.

Cons ✖ 

  • The product line comprises lesser product varieties and mixtures. 
  • The CBD capsules consist of gelatin, only right for the vegans.
  • No products have guaranteed 0% THC. However, all are lower than 0.3% THC.
  • Not too pocket-friendly.

Final Thoughts on Populum – legal or scam?

Populum believes in maintaining ethical business principles while caring about their CBD users and encouraging the positive use of CBD.

However, there are a few zones where they fall short of fundamental aspects. Most importantly, they have not revealed the additional chemicals that are present in their products. Following that, they are not honest regarding their laboratory testing results and the relative processes they incorporate.  

Populum looks like a reliable brand externally, but before ordering the same, it is recommended to conduct a little research. It will assist you in finding out the small and crucial areas that are neglected.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the real meaning of Populum?

✍ The word ‘Populum’ interprets ‘the people’, which is in Latin. Populum got its real acclaim in around 2016. The company had a notion of making the benefits of the hemp plants readily available to the consumers. These health benefits, coming from the hemp plant, are readily available for every CBD user. Their products are all user-friendly, easily deciphered, and full of trust.

Q. What is their raw hemp source?

✍ The raw hemp comes from the United States. And their hemp oil gets extracted from the hemp plants, grown and treated in Colorado.

Q. What are the various extraction methods used for hemp?

✍ There are four ways of hemp extraction, namely Whole Plant Extraction, Using Liquid Solvents, Carbon Dioxide Extraction, and Oil Extraction method. Populum uses mostly all means to produce the finest of CBD products.  

Q. Is it true that Populum makes CBD with coconut oil?

✍ For long, Populum has been mixing its CBD oil with other oils. And some of them are mainly orange and coconut. Pressed coconut oil stands as the popular and certainly appropriate oil type in which you infuse the CBD. 

Q. Can Populum CBD oil be used for pets? 

✍ Without question, the Populum CBD oil stands as a very safe element for canines and felines. The calming tonic helps the overactive dog to calm down, or any of their body/ muscle pain issues also is solved. The entire CBD oil is toxic-free while making a portion of good food and drink supplement. 

Q. Does Populum’s CBD contain weed?

✍ Populum’s CBD does have mild weed strain, as it is directly dependent on the THC amount. The lesser the THC value, the higher is the CBD content. Moreover, it relies on the strain of marijuana. As of now, 4% is the average percentage of CBD inside a weed. And 1% is the lowest in Populum’s CBD product.