Palmetto Harmony Review 

America is one of the biggest countries in recent times, which have let loose their legal aspects concerning the CBD oil. Production of CBD oil is considered legal on the federal ground. Every state grows the industrial hemp and produces the CBD oil, till the time it consists of the traceable THC. And surely that will not get you high!

Many states have started following this suit along with their legislation. Thus CBD is becoming more and more common as we speak. While doing a bit of recce, you will contact many companies who have taken a stoic decision in exploring the CBD niche. They are manufacturing the same and selling an ample number of CBD products successfully. But then, it is crucial to know the difference between a well-known CBD Company and a run-of-the-mill one.

Read below the review of one of the well-known CBD Companies, named Palmetto Harmony, and get to know in detail about the same.



✨ Palmetto Harmony quick summary

✨ The Palmetto Harmony CBD Brand – what is inside it?

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✨ Palmetto Harmony product line – CBD Topical and Skin Care

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✨ Pros and Cons of Palmetto Harmony

✨ The final verdict on Palmetto Harmony – legal or scam?

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Palmetto Harmony quick summary

A dedicated mother’s endless struggle to cure her little daughter gets cured has led to the evolution of Palmetto Harmony. It is a CBD company catering to a high production line. Take a detailed look over the actual story providing the birth of this brand and the main outline of their most unique products. Let us dive right in!


The Palmetto Harmony CBD Brand – what is inside it?

Janel Ralph gave birth to a beautiful girl and named her Harmony in 2009. Soon, however, she came to know that Harmony was suffering from a rare genetic condition, leading her to experience multiple epileptic seizures every day. In contemporary times, the same is taken to be an untreatable ailment.

However, Janel relentlessly carried on in finding a treatment, improving the life and health of Harmony. She tried her hands with CBD oil and was thoroughly impressed with the results. The constant intake of CBD oil has assisted Harmony in becoming more aware and alert. Moreover, the medical expertise got to map her brain and monitor her brain activities in specific areas. It is to know the amount of business these all portions of the brain have during the CBD intake.

Later, in 2015 Janel came into the picture with the CBD Company. The name Palmetto Synergistic Research LLC, and the CBD brand called Palmetto Harmony was coined after the name of her daughter Harmony. The entire mission of this company turned quite obvious while aiding the people in the requirement of relief.

To date, the company is a family-run in-house business. They have the notion that hemp is a plant that has the strength to change the planet for the betterment.

The company believes in vertical assimilation, which means that they extract, parcel, and transport all their goods from one place. The facility center is located in Conway, South Carolina. They consist of legal permission to grow and process raw hemp.  It is a USDA certified organic operation, as well as FDA registered and GMP accredited. The company does all activity in-house, and they use an independent laboratory for verifying their products for its pureness, strength, and later publish the results online.

Palmetto Harmony’s extraction process is unique for the CBD industry. It is very different as compared to the widely known extraction method. They use the MCT infusion method, which is commonly known as Lipid Infusion. With the application of mild heat and little pressure, this entire process gives a full-spectrum extract like none other.

The company believes in an excellent customer support system. Their executives are available for a free consultation, as well as fast shipping, 24×7. Palmetto Harmony’s official website gives a lot of know-how regarding the hemp and CBD, with a decent charitable mission. The interested CBD users are free to visit their manufacturing section, and they will be able to witness a lot about the company’s activity with a virtually guided tour.

Company Information

  • Official address: 1019 4th Ave #107, Conway, SC 29526
  • Contact: 1-843-331-1246

Palmetto harmony product lines – CBD oils, capsules and vapes

Palmetto Harmony caters to a high product line comprising many strengths and skincare items. Every individual will be able to find a product rightly fitting to their requirements. Read below the list of most of their notable products to get better know-how.


Palmetto Harmony comes in two types of CBD oils. The Palmetto Harmony Original Hemp Oil is dome by lipid infusion of MCT along with hemp flowers. This product comes packed with 20mg of CBD per 1 ml of oil. The same is packed in a 30 ml glass bottle with 600 mg of CBD, a glass bottle of 100 ml with 2000 mg of CBD. Moreover, these are also sold as wholesale, in large-sized glass bottles with 32 ounces of CBD oil.

The Palmetto Harmony Orange Hemp Oil comes under the recently added one in the CBD oil category. The entire product is made with full-spectrum CBD oil having a strength of 20 mg of CBD per 1 ml of oil with added organic orange essential oil. The item is well-packed in a glass bottle of 30 ml/600 mg CBD along with 100 ml/2000 mg of CBD.

CBD Capsules

These CBD Capsules are made with 10 mg of CBD present in each capsule. The Palmetto Harmony capsules come with full-spectrum hemp oil extract along with MCT coconut oil. It acts as a carrier oil that is sheathed in a gelatin/glycerin case.

These are some secure methods of taking a regular dosage of CBD all time. The capsules are packed in a bottle of 30 and a bottle of 60. Taking CBD as a suppository measure caters to a fast and effective method of delivery of any benefit. Palmetto Harmony manufactures these suppositories and packs these in a pack of 7 suppositories. Each one with 10 mg of CBD, carrier oil, and all the organic terpenes from the hemp plant.

CBD Vape Products

Palmetto Harmony caters to CBD-rich Vaping E-liquids that are made from a full-spectrum hemp extract and vegetable glycerin (VG). The Palmetto Aura Vape product comes by infusing lipids of the VG along with hemp flowers.  It keeps all the natural resins with the terpenes in the vape mixture. The 15 ml glass bottle consists of 150mg of CBD, and around 10 mg of the product is present in the bottle. It also comes packed in a 30 ml glass bottle having 300 mg of CBD per bottle.

They offer pre-filled Palmetto Aura vape cartridges, which fit well with the Palmetto Aura Vape pen. It is an easy way of taking the CBD. This is because while the intake is the same, via lungs, it spreads directly in the blood.


Palmetto Harmony product line – CBD Topical and Skin Care

Palmetto Harmony manufactures the CBD-infused topical creams and an assortment of skincare products like soapsuds, balm, anti-wrinkle, and night cream.

  • Cannacense has full-spectrum CBD hemp extract along with organic Shea butter, hemp oil, and Frankincense. It comes packed with 100 mg of CBD in a 60 ml glass bottle. It stands to be a great way of treating your skin with useful components.
  • Holy Cannacense is a Palmetto Harmony’s topical cream made with a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, holy basil, Frankincense, organic Shea butter, along with hemp oil. It consists of 100 mg CBD in a 60 ml bottled jar.
  • Psorian Cream is a topical product manufactured by Palmetto Harmony. It consists of 100 mg CBD in a 60 ml bottled jar. The same is a natural ingredients mixture of Shea butter, comfrey root, calendula, and lavender and marshmallow root. And, all the herbal remedies are used in improving the skin’s health.
  • Palmetto Harmony’s Hemp soap bars are a lavish product that is made with CBD of 50 mg. The CBD per soap bar has a lot of botanic extracts that moisturize the skin, keeping it refreshed. There are three mixtures of Hemp & Double Mint, Hemp &Grapefruit Loofah, and Hemp & Sunflower Citrus.
  • Lavender Night Cream is a product rich in CBD. It comes packed with 300 mg of CBD in a jar of 50 ml. This particular CreamCream is lavender-infused along with essential aromatic oils. The natural components help in the regeneration of skin while leaving the same well reinvigorated and renovated.
  • The Mango Hydrating Lotion comes packed with 300 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, wrapped in a 50 ml bottle. It has, in it, the goodness of natural oils like avocado, jojoba, sunflower, and various other extracts from the herbal plants. This product helps in regaining the smoothness of the facial skin and gives out a youthful look.
  • The 4 C’s Anti-wrinkle cream comes packed with 300 mg CBD in a 15 ml bottle. It has an array of organic oils as well as specific herbal extracts, helping with the skin’s elasticity. It supports collagen production and leveling out the wrinkles and fine lines.

CBD Pet Products

Palmetto Harmony prepares pet’s CBD oil known as Palmetto Paws. It is made exclusively with 20 mg of CBD per 1 ml oil. The entire product comes in a 15 ml/300ml/300mg bottle of CBD, while a 30 ml bottle consists of 600 mg of CBD. This oil helps in improving your pet buddies’ health and assists in fighting any swelling. It also caters to the soothing effect of these pets.

Pros and Cons of Palmetto Harmony

Read the pros and cons of Palmetto Harmony for better decision-making

Pros ✔

  • The company’s seed-to-sale policy is beneficial, as it grows their hemp, allowing impeccable control of every production step, and ensuring a high-quality end product.
  • Full-spectrum CBD products are made with the aid of lipid extraction.
  • Palmetto Harmony is a family-run business and is operated in-house.
  • Good customer support.
  • Independent lab test results published online.

Cons ✖ 

  • The products are on the costly side.
  • Lab-test reports are not always refreshed.
  • Not all products are regularly available.

The final verdict on Palmetto Harmony – legal or scam?

The name Palmetto Harmony is coined after ‘Harmony,’ a small girl ailing with a devastating medical ailment. She got some relief by using CBD. Her mother is behind the improving health of Harmony and the also coming into existence with the brand of Palmetto Harmony CBD. This company grows its raw hemp while keeping track of the entire production facility. The company also takes great care over the significant product amount, pureness, and reliability. Palmetto Harmony has become one of the most reputable CBD manufacturers on the market, in recent times with the aid of reasonable product offers. But their products are mostly on the more costly side of the CBD spectrum. However, they are worth a try.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How is the product used?

✍ Products of different sorts have varied ways and means of utilizing them. Some get ingested well, or else via topical application and vaporization. You should check the instruction before using it or applying it on the label of the products before you embark upon using it. 

Q. While using the products of Palmetto Harmony, what precautions should be taken?

✍ Read the instructions of each product before any usage.

Q. How long does it take for any improvements?

✍ Consistent use of the products should be done to get optimal results.

Q. Are there any possible side effects?

✍ The products of Palmetto Harmony have no side effects. As these products are made from natural ingredients, there are no known side-effects to date. But still, it is advisable to through the details of any product before you plan to purchase.