Organabus Review

With the advent of new health waves taking place in the natural and organic health industry, many natural remedies come and go. However, CBD oil has nailed its existence and importance. For centuries this oil is being used both medically and for recreation purposes. Much research work is also being followed every day on CBD oil and its usefulness on our bodies.

There are several reasons for backing the importance of CBD oil. Right from severe pain to sleeplessness and other severe physical problems like inflammation and migraines, CBD acts as an excellent alternative over any prescribed medicine.

Many companies are following the similar route of taking advantage of CBD and steering hearts of million users. But that never connotes that these all companies are worth trust-worthy, or can produce a high-quality product. On similar lines, let us review in detail about Organabus, a CBD oil company, to cater for your benefit.


Organabus quick summary

Organabus comes from CBD and has a natural and organic side in all its products.  As the company started booming in the CBD industry, Organabus went under a hippie vibe, with its brand’s outlook and logo. It stands out as a positive aspect making their consumers think about their sound principles and a hale and hearty commercial model.

Though the brand logo appears a bit laidback and fun, they are serious about their product quality and make. They give importance over it being natural always. Organabus caters to a vast product range that is available on its official website for purchase. The prices vary, starting from $15 to as high as $150.

They have carved  a niche in their product range by manufacturing CBD nasal inhalers, and that is quite a commendable job!It is not too familiar with a product that you will find with other companies very often. 

Unfortunately, there is no laboratory testing information present and any mention of where they get their products. 


Table of Contents

Organabus quick summary

➠ Distinctions and awards

➠ Mission behind Organabus

➠ Organabus’ Hemp source

➠ Products offered by Organabus

➠ Positive aspects of Organabus

➠ Organabus’ area of improvement

➠ Safety & Third-Party Testing

➠ Pros and Cons of Organabus

➠ Final thoughts on – Organabus Legal or Scam

➠ Frequently Asked Questions

Organabus quick summary

The name Organabus is a combination of ‘organic and ‘cannabis.’ Though the company showcases a logo of a bus, it is entirely not right what precisely the company tries to represent. The tagline of Organabus’ reads ‘organic CBD made from industrially grown hemp,’ and their entire range of products made with quality natural and organic components. But then there is no certificate present claiming so.

Awards and distinction

Organabus has been distinguished with the ‘Shopper’s Award’ in 2019. 

Mission behind Organabus

Organabus never caters to providing the details of their product-making mission or their existence. There is very little one can say about the company. It is an American company selling CBD products and mostly giving importance in making vaporizer liquids. 

Organabus Company gives out a range of CBD products. But Organabus provides nothing too ‘out of the way’ from the competitive market. And concerning their official website, they only showcase the basics, and thus fails to attract its consumers.

Organabus’ Hemp source

Organabus never mentions its hemp source on its official website. Though the tag-line mentions the use of Hemp oil, from pure hemp. But lab test results and the related certificates are barely available. Apart from the products, mainly the Vapor Liquids, Organic CBD Tinctures, along with the CBD Dab Wax, none consist of the details related to the outline and strength of cannabinoid  . 

Products offered by Organabus 

Organabus specializes in the creation of high-quality products ranging from ‘Organic CBD Vapor Liquid’ to ‘Assorted Vape oils.’ They also offer a CBD product range of various requirements. Read the details of all CBD products that Organabus offers for purchase on their official website.


Vape Oils & Pens

Organabus Organic Vapor Liquids

Organabus Organic Vapor Liquids 12 – 30 mL

Organabus Terpene Infused CBD Vape Liquids

Organabus Terpene Infused CBD Vape Liquid 60 mL

Organabus CBD Pre-Filled Vape Pens and Cartridges

Organabus Pre-Filled CBD Hemp Oil Cartridges

Organabus Pre-Filled Vape Pens

Organabus: Pre-Filled Vape Pens Black & White

CBD Oils & Tinctures

Organabus Organic CBD Tinctures

CBD Capsules

Organabus CBD Capsules

CBD Edibles

Organabus CBD Gummies

Organabus CBD Gummies 6 Count 

Organabus CBD SugarStix

CBD Pet Products

Organabus Healthy Doggie CBD Dog Biscuits 20 Count 

Organabus Pet Hemp Oil 88.7 mL

CBD Bath Bombs

Organabus Hempbody Bath Bombs 


Organabus CBD Dab Wax

Organabus 99.9% CBD Crystal Isolate

Nasal Inhalers

Organabus CBD Nasal Inhaler 1 – 2 Pack 

Positive aspects of Organabus

The company does some good things! Organabus sells a huge range of fourteen various CBD products, starting from edible gummies, nasal inhalers, biscuits for dogs and bath bombs. It is rarely seen of a company pushing out so many product variations. Their products stand out as the most unique of the bunch, including Nasal Inhalers, SugarStix, and Terpene Infused Vape Oils.

In various flavor makings, Organabus’ line of Vapor Liquids gives out fifteen different flavors where you can cherry-pick your preference. The terpene-filled alternates give out yet another five for choosing. Organabus mainly takes pride in making its range of  Vapor Liquids. 

Organabus’ area of improvement 

With the fast growth of the CBD industry amid the competitive market, Organabus requires working over a range of problems. 

Primarily, Organabus should cater to revealing about their product’s clarity. They should have a section entirely devoted towards discussion on the company’s representations of various CBD products.

It includes detailed information related to their hemp source and the extract strains used. Also, they should cater to a section solely dedicated to third-party lab test results.

Besides, with price-related issues, a significant product of Organabus’ product list is much more costly than their counterparts present in the CBD market. 

And lastly, Organabus severely lacks in dose up of guiding principles and its uses. Organabus solely gives out details about their products’ treatment of suggestions about pets, like the Healthy Doggie CBD Dog Biscuits and Pet Hemp Oil, as well as the Organic CBD Tinctures. These all are available in the 300 and 100 mg alternatives. 

But, the figures sometimes look strange, as the pet estimations seem a little weak. And majorly, no ingredient lists focuses on the details of any of their products,along with the extraction process.  


Safety & Third-Party Testing

ProVerde Laboratories always directs third-party testing for ensuring safety and security. There are just eight test results that are available for observing seventy various products of Organabus. 

These all product-related tests were conducted by the end of 2017, barring the Terpene Filled Vape Liquids. That particular one underwent laboratory tests much later in mid of 2018.

The lab test results are not up to the mark for knowing if these products consist of any potentially dangerous constituents. It goes chiefly right for the vapor liquids, and that is the company’s chief attention. As far as dosage information, most of their products cater to the same but barring the lab test report, and authenticity is a significant doubt.

Pros and Cons of Organabus


  • Organic and Natural 
  • Moderately priced
  • Colorful logo
  • Gives a hippie-outlook in products
  • The meaning of the name is clear.

Cons ✖ 

  • No proper laboratory verification
  • No information about its sources
  • No news related to the hemp extraction method 
  • Generally spreads false analyses
  • No guarantee over its safety

Final thoughts on – Organabus Legal or Scam

It doesn’t matter how good a company makes its products and logo look; Orangabus should provide the correct info in making their customer feel entirely self-assured over their products.

Without any general product info, a proper review of any company is not possible. Yet another critical issue related to the CBD oil industry is it’s not rightly regulated.

And without proper information, you cannot get the necessary details about the products that they are selling.

Organabus has to take the extra initiative to work on all these aspects on their official website. It will aid in not overlooking the regular use of their products and their future success. There is no professionalism in Organabus. And it is related to their askew layout, or the product list with incomplete product descriptions. One keeps trying to figure out which all products might work the best. Moreover, they lack professionalism. In all, this entire brand gives a  hasty outlook, mainly with the motive of making money by selling their products  amongst the widely spreading CBD lovers. 

Organabus might have a lot many intentions growing as a legal CBD company. But it is challenging to take them and their products earnestly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does Organabus Nicotine infuse?

✍ No! None of the Organabus products contain any nicotine. Instead, many consumers use the products as a substitute for tobacco.

Q. How is it beneficial?

✍ The products are beneficial, with no side-effects. 

Q. Is Orgnabus a Legit one?

✍ Yes! It is a legit one and available in all 50 states of the U.S. the main ingredients, CBD is taken from the industrial hemp. Organabus comprises specific traceable amounts of THC. It is less than 00 .03%. For consuming one, you do not have to consult any doctor or require a medical certificate to buy. But still, for all Organabus products, it is always a great idea to communicate with your doctor, before you start with the first supplement.

Q. Does CBD in Organabus products get the user ‘high’?

✍No. none of their products will get their user ‘high’. 

Q. Does it contain marijuana?

✍ No, all products are made of pure hemp oil, in natural process.