Mary’s Medicinals Review

CBD oil is, at present, making waves in the industry concerning health and nutrition. It is taken to giving far fetched results with its natural and organic remedial procedures. Thus, as a host in the upheaval of health and fitness, CBD oil has become a popular name.

It is slowly opening the locks to many companies, who never believe in doing things by the books. That seems to be excellent news for those looking for a natural alternative to prescription medication. It is thus vital to get the know-how about these companies, and you do not end up killing your time and money.

Let us review this particular one and come to a decision of whether they are worth checking.



Mary’s Medicinals Quick Summary

Distinctions and awards

The details behind Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals Highlights

Mary’s Medicinals Top Products

Pros and Cons of Mary’s Medicinals

Final thoughts on – Mary’s Medicinals Legal or Scam

Frequently Asked Questions

Mary’s Medicinals Quick Summary

The company is located in Colorado and got recognition from 2013onwards. It rapidly gained an optimistic standing for its high-grade CBD loaded topical gel pens, transdermal patches besides a variety of additional products. These products are well-designed to go on the consumer’s body perfectly.

Mary’s Medicinals has joined hands with many scientific experts, CBD company leaders, and growers for designing their health and fitness products. They are making use of leading-edge techniques to create calming and harmonizing mixes of phytocannabinoid-rich mixtures, balms, and transdermal patches.


Awards and distinction

Mary’s Medicinals is worth commendable for their work in the industry of CBD oil. This company is worth praising with different accolades. Mary’s Medicinals’ brand name is the winner of various awards, including the 2014 Invention of the Year at the prestigious Cannabis Business Awards. The company has also gained the title of Best New Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The details behind Mary’s Medicinals

Every individual is continuously in search of finding the right niche that best suits their desires, and Mary’s Medicinals is no exclusion to this. This CBD oil company has an ardent passion for making their products. And they always take care of the general requirements of their revered consumers. 

Mary’s Medicinals emphasize deeply in bringing out the individual’s opioid epidemic, along with something a lot more organic and less hazardous. Barring CBD, Mary’s Medicinals has a preference in making most of the other cannabinoids’ variety found in the cannabis plant. They had faith over many health benefits when many types of cannabinoids were used together.

Yet another exciting fact lies for those who stay outside California. While searching for their official website, you will never be able to see their price-list. For those who do not prefer ingesting cannabis orally, their inordinate transdermal cannabis patch helps increase the absorption rate. 

This CBD Company is considered an excellent option for those who grieve from long-lasting pain, looking for a natural substitute for the prescribed medication, and opioids.



  • Essential aromatic oils, 
  • Extract of cannabis, flavorings. 
  • Tree nuts

Recommended usage

  • Place a couple of drops underneath the tongue when required.

Extraction process

  • Ethanol extraction

Medical benefits

  • Might cater for releasing pain, easing anxiousness, and pain reduction.

Potency range

  • 500mg -1000mg

Price range

  • $60

(The data is for oil products only.)

The list of research surrounds CBD oil and its effectiveness concerning confronting a considerable variation of maladies. There is a CBD solution for relieving all stress, anxiety, and severe pains. As a brand name, Mary’s Medicinals has carved its niche of the way we consume cannabis products. It caters to an incredible assortment of ointments and balms for us to enjoy the wellness of CBD oil.

Mary’s Medicinals Highlights

✔  Their CBD products do an outstanding job of relieving pain devoid of any symptoms of getting ‘high.’

✔  Their patches, gels, and creams act right for long durations. Just wear a piece otherwise put on the cream. It will rapidly take on the effect and give relief from pain for hours.

✔  Their THC products stand perfect for light-hearted marijuana consumers.

✔  Their patches are handy, and you will never require more than two at a time.

✔  Their transport service is very active and efficient. The product will reach at your door-step within an hour you order!

✔  The entire range of products is all-natural, organic, and chemical-free.

Mary’s Medicinals Top Products

✅ Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patches

The 2 inch x 2 inch transdermal patches are appreciated inventions. The user has to apply a patch to any ‘intravenous/venous part of the skin,’ to get its right effect for the entire day or night. They are readily available in 10mg CBD, CBN, THC, and CBD: THC (50:50 ratio) form or 20mg THC Indica or Sativa. 

This transdermal patch is standard in the market for almost 40 years. But then, in the cannabis field, its use is comparatively new. One feels the profits within half an hour. Though it is found that the patches never offer any benefit further than 6 hours, it is thus well below the timeline for their official website.

✅ Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Gel Pen

This gel pen is a complement to the patches. It is designed for patients suffering from neck-breaking pain. For application, just place the gel directly on your skin and rub it in for relief. Each pen offers 50 x 2mg doses. So, you can select amongst CBD, CBN, and THC Sativa or Indica.


✅ Mary’s Medicinals CBD/CBN Capsules

The tablets do not contain THC, and they are non-psychoactive. It thus makes them the perfect option to kill pain daily. They are 100% plant-based, and that means they are right for the vegans. They contain zero flavors or unstable organic layers, apart from being gluten-free. The capsules are available in 5mg doses.

✅ Mary’s Medicinals Elite CBD Muscle Freeze

This product is an all-natural way of soothing the sore muscles. It is a must-have for all exercise fanatics. The blend of CBD and natural plant extracts has done an admirable job of cooling any tenderness. It is available in 1oz containers.

✅ Mary’s Medicinals Green & Protein Powder Mixes

Yet another product for all fitness enthusiasts, is the Protein Powder Mixes. Every 16oz container consists of 160mg of active cannabinoids. One can also buy the same in 1oz servings as a sample. Courtesy the researchers at Mary’s Medicinals, the new technique of compressing and preserving fresh plant material has become prevalent in their company. Thus the plant’s nutritional value remains exceptional, and the active cannabinoids stay together for a more extended period. The fitness lovers can pick between whey protein and greens for getting more nutrients, and enjoying a post-workout shake.

Pros and cons of Mary’s Medicinals

✔ Pros 

  • Provides effective pain relief 
  • Eases anxiety and stress. 
  • Patches and creams are perfect for a long duration.
  • Products provide ‘effective dosing.’  
  • The products directly mix in the primary bloodstream after being absorbed into the skin.

✖  Cons

  • Mary Medicinals never ship outside of California.
  • No mention of any laboratory testing proof 
  • No Certificates of Analysis present on the website
  • The patches leave the skin susceptible to exterior pollutants.
  • The patches never offer any benefit further than 6 hours.

How to Purchase Mary’s Medicinals

The entire product range is available in Colorado, Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. The range of its Elite CBD Products can be bought in every state. The official site suggests you calling ahead of time to confirm a specific product and its availability, while you purchase. Also, Get Nugg mobile app to find the availability of any local dispensaries delivering the product. Lastly, ask one of the company’s executives to order the same for you.


Final thoughts on – Mary’s Medicinals Legal or Scam

It is impressive and a little disappointing that Mary Medicinals never ship outside of California. Though the awards can never be ignored, and Mary’s Medicinals have been standing tall in the CBD oil industry for its innovativeness. Mary’s Medicinals gives out a vast range of first-rate CBD and THC products in helping their consumer with relief over pain, anxiety, stress, and many more. 

Apart from all the positive aspects, Mary’s Medicinals comes with one major setback. They have never mentioned any laboratory testing documents or proof anywhere on their official website. It is essential to have the Certificates of Analysis, which indicates the lab test of all their products related to the CBD oil industry. This ensures their consumers regarding the safety of all products. The consumer has no means of knowing the authenticity of the product devoid of the same. Yet another disadvantage is related to the patches. Since human skin is not 100% effective, the patches act relaxing, while leaving the skin susceptible to exterior pollutants. To get the full effect, the skin has to be clean before wearing a patch. Using alcohol to clean it before applying the patch is a must. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do transdermal products relate to other cannabis products?

✍ Mary Medicinals transdermal products transport cannabis straight into the bloodstream without any high-rate metabolism by the liver and cessation by stomach acids. That supposes a lower dose that is likely to be much more effective. Apart from the same, their products are more reliable than non-transdermal products. 

Q. How to use the Gel Pen?

✍ Each Gel Pen uses a selective child-safe dosing mechanism. Just swap the top portion of the pen counter-clockwise for unlocking the child safety mechanism. And later turn in the opposite direction for locking it after distributing. To distribute, push down on the top of the pen. The tip starts dispensing 2mg of gel per click. Rub the gel onto the intravenous portion of the body, like your arm-wrist, ankle or top of the foot.

Q. Can Mary’s products be used with other prescriptions?

✍ They are unable to provide any medical advice. Consult with your doctor before making any medical decision.

Q. Do you test your products?

✍ All of Mary’s Nutritionals products are verified internally in their laboratory overseen by Dr. Jeremy Riggle. All testing is conducted on raw ingredients, extracts, and final products and held to testing standards of pureness and constancy. Mary Medicinals likewise works with independent quality-control labs for third-party authentication of the quality of all final products. Check results are at all times available upon request.

Q. What is the duration of the patch?

✍ Grounded on body structure, metabolic rate, cannabis use, and amount of pain. The patch generally lasts around 8-12 hours. 

Q. What are the components in the patches/gels/compounds/capsules?

✍ All products are created from cautiously extracted cannabis oil that is enhanced with cannabinoids and terpenes. The full ingredients list is on the packing of each Mary’s product also.