Kiva Confections Review

Kiva Confections is the first-time bearer of cannabis-infused chocolate to the CBD market, amongst the new cannabis-infused edibles. They are readily available in and around California, all-over the medical marijuana stores. Recently these can be purchased from the medical stores of Arizona, Nevada, as well as Illinois. This company is the maker of premium cannabis-infused products. They manufacture their products with great dedication catering to their customers’ satisfaction.


  • Kiva Confections – a quick summary
  • Awards and distinctions
  • Kiva Confections and its importance
  • Kiva Confections – Product lines
  • Dosages, costs, and after-effects
  • Kiva Chocolate – Production process
  • Kiva Bar – everything perfect
  • Try-out the Kiva Bar
  • Pros and Cons on Kiva Confections
  • A final thought on Kiva Confections – Legal or scam?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Kiva Confections – a quick summary

From the initial days of 2010, Kiva Confections have been a dedicated name under their efforts in the creation of cannabis edibles. They have successfully redefined the term of cannabis confection. They started their sale officially in 2013 and evolved with their cannabis-infused chocolates in 2016. They have been applauded with many accolades and praises owing to their creativity.  The total content of THC and CBD is worth praising, along with their extra-vigilance over the detailing and excellence concerning the products.

Their official website features an artistic theme, with a reflection of their company’s policy and mission in bringing high-end edibles. These chocolates taste delicious, and they keep working methodically on invention and efficacy and refining their production standards. The news section on the website consists of articles concerning their products, their manufacturing policy, and detailed information dealing with cannabis use.

Their claim mentions the performance of the laboratory verifications of their product. There is an entire page on the website dealing with the explanation of what exactly they do. But then there are no real test reports that are published online. Their complete product range is made from cannabis grown in the surrounding areas of the Emerald Triangle in California.

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Awards and distinctions

Kiva Confections won the Greatest Speeches in the San Francisco and Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. This award was primarily given to their Kiva Bar. 

Kiva Confections and its importance

Kiva Confections, along with their ‘Kiva Bar,’ has drawn much attention amongst the household cannabis users. While at California, you will find them adequately stocked at high numbers in all medical stores selling cannabis. But then, do you know the exact reason for making them so unique? Let us take a detailed look at all the aspects of this particular CBD product.

These edibles result in one of two types of ventures, namely, an insignificant high or a potent high. Their various extraction methods, various breed types with variable potencies, and the exclusive third-party testing zones cater to a different meaning. Thus it is essential in knowing the business behindhand of the CBD products that you plan to consume. Also, you should be conscious of the right amount of mg contained inside each bar!

The consumers most likely fall for these edibles, like the various sorts of ‘edible-highs’ or the ‘melting couch-lock’. A couple of categories, like medical marijuana patients, very often try avoiding smoking totally. They solely depend on these edibles for dealing with their symptoms. 

Luckily for all the cannabis aficionados, Kiva Confections caters with a line-up of marijuana-based edibles. Their products appeal to all inexpert cannabis customers, as well as the cannabis connoisseurs.

Kiva Confections – Product lines

Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich started with Kiva Confections in 2010.  During that time, the edible economy of marijuana was desperately underserved. Their products were all untried, unlabelled, and contradictorily powerful. Later, it went under complete transformation with a new sort altogether. Kiva Confections initiated manufacturing their CBD products with a promise to efficacy, food safety, and professional ethics. And it originated by the assistance of the experienced cannabis cultivators, and the specialist chocolatiers. The mission of Kiva Confections is to make sure that their state-of-the-art edibles are safe, secure, and enjoyable. They claim in delivering the safest, most appropriate, and delightful savouring medicinal cannabis edibles to all the CBD lovers. 

As per the California Cannabis Laws, Kiva Confections is California’s not-for-profit co-operative. It is comparatively large, then the others, especially the edible ones. Their strict loyalty to laboratory verification signifies its intention of meeting a high-quality and standardized CBD product. Read below to get the know-how on their most remarkable products –

The Kiva Bar:

The Kiva Bar is their leading product, and this chocolate bar comes in two doses. Each has 60mg and 180mg of THC, and are made of six distinct tastes. The Kiva Bar is a popular name for all CBD users, mostly in the cannabis sector. It won the Greatest Speeches in the San Francisco and Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. These chocolate bars have been mentioned in the Forbes article and much encouraged in the right branding of cannabis. 

Kiva Minis:

Kiva Minis are single chocolate squares, much similar to the regular Kiva Bars. The entire pack has 15mg and 45mg THC, each.

Kiva Terra Bites:

Their third and most essential CBD product is Kiva Terra Bites. It is a bar of wildly-popular chocolate covered with espresso beans or blueberries and generally caters to everybody’s taste buds—every tin consists of 24 ‘pieces’ of 5mg each. You will get 120mg of total THC in every tin. Each has a mix of Indica and Sativa strains, which is well-sourced from the California cannabis of maximum calibre. The bars come separately in four breakable squares, making it easy to control the THC intake. You can purchase them at any of your regional medical stores. 


Dosages, costs, and after-effects

The standardized price for one Kiva Bar of 180 mg is about $20, while the Kiva bar of 60mg is usually sold for around $10. There is no doubt that the price of these edibles is on the higher side. But they are handy too.

Kiva Chocolate – Production process

Kiva carries pride in creating the very best chocolate that is made with the very best cocoa beans. The company caters to its own needs, like its individual chocolate from a third party. They get their cocoa beans resourced from all over the world while focusing on high-end quality. They also cater to providing a premium chocolate encounter when the user consumes the same.

Kiva’s chocolate has only cocoa beans without any additional flavours or preservatives. They believe in using 54% semi-sweet Cacao for making the bars of dark chocolate. For instance, the Kiva Terra Bites milk chocolate bars comprise a minimum of 34% of semi-sweet Cacao. The result is none other than a rich chocolate experience! It gives a generous, soft, and smooth taste, minus any powerful feeling of cannabis.

Kiva Bar – everything perfect 

The Kiva confections conduct its lab tests to cater to the accurate cannabinoid profiles, the compelling factor in each bar, and the residual contaminants. Their company claims its raw ingredients to be free of any pesticide, fungicide, and miticides. They always believe in performing a regularised analysis, for the one last time before distributing their products for sale. All Kiva confections are gluten-free. They mainly make products containing soy, milk, or traces of nuts.  

Try-out the Kiva Bar

Yes, Kiva bar can be tried, but by exercising caution. It is upon deciding on the right dosage that is taken. You will get a great feeling and also an immediate one. Kiva Confections uses all the safe and scientific ways of manufacturing their confections. They cater to all the perfect  CBD in tightly packed chocolate bites.  For both the first-timers and the regular consumer of CBD,  they are likely to get all after searching on their official website.  


Pros and Cons on Kiva Confections

Pros ✔

  • Good-flavored CBD chocolates
  • Assorted flavours
  • Packed nicely 
  • Moderately to High priced

Cons ✖ 

  • Online sales not available
  • Laboratory test report not available
  • No product guarantee 
  • No safety
  • THC containing chocolates

A final thought on Kiva Confections – Legal or scam?

Kiva Confections cannot be shipped across the USA owing to the strict legal proceedings. It pertains to the usage of cannabis. But then in certain places, where Kiva Confections can easily be purchased, people have benefited a lot from enjoying their CBD products. Most of their products can only be bought in medical counters, around California, Arizona, and Nevada besides Illinois. But the cost of the products vary and generally are subject to change.

It goes without any saying that the chocolates infused with cannabis, along with new confections manufactured by Kiva, stand as a welcoming way of intake of THC and CBD. The user reaps the entire benefits after consumption of the same. These cannabinoids cater to a lot of positive attributes to the user’s health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As a first-time buyer of CBD, what should you look for?

✍ Use the dosage calculator for calculating the correct CBD dose or amount for your requirements. For relief of any specific issue, for instance, back pain, you should start with a low CBD dose.  You should try understanding whether you would prefer a full-spectrum CBD oil or a CBD isolate pill.  The full-spectrum CBD oil consists of many additional benefits concerning the hemp/cannabis plant. On the other hand, a CBD isolates to get rid of all barring CBD.

Q. What color is CBD oil?

✍ The color of CBD oil differs on the way the oil is abstracted and treated. 

Q. How many milligrams of CBD should one ingest?

✍ You should ingest CBD amount; depending on the issue you have, or you have to deal. For treating chronic pain, you should ingest a much higher CBD dose compared to the individual who uses CBD for general wellness purposes. By mode of the dosage calculator, you can intake CBD in the right qualities. The standardized CBD dose is 10 mg once per day. But the same differs hugely as every individual is different. 

Q. Can CBD oil be taken for Vaping purposes?

✍ Yes. CBD oil is very commonly used for Vaping. 

Q. How safe is CBD oil?

✍ CBD oil is safe for use. It is vital to conduct a small research work about the entire product while buying the oil. You should be aware of the methods of extracting the ways of CBD from raw hemp. Also, ensure the complete safety of the products before purchasing.