Kannaway Review

Kannaway focuses on catering to an entire range of natural and organic products to its revered customers. This company offers CBD oils and additional products of high-end quality, along with bestowing their consumers with several informative means in explaining the exact ways of getting aware of these items. Take a closer look at Kannaway to get a better overview of the same. 


Table of Contents 

  • Kannaway – Quick Summary
  • Kannaway –Inside story
  • Kannaway laboratory verification
  • Kannaway – Product lines
  • Kannaway – Product line in details
  • Skin Care product range
  • Additional CBD Hemp Products
  • Product Price of Kannaway
  • Shipping Policy of Kannaway
  • Return policy of Kannaway
  • Consumer reports
  • Pros and cons of Kannaway
  • Final Thoughts on Kannaway – is it Legal or Scam?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Kannaway – Quick summary

Kannaway comes under the first lot in the United States in selling products containing cannabidiol. The same is obtained from naturally grown hemp plants after the legalization of the same took place. The company initially launched in 2009 and has since then witnessed a visible rise. Kannaway has taken a new initiative to not only sell their products directly to the interested customers but emphases on collaborating and hiring individuals to turn them into brand ambassadors. Past many years, Kannaway has gained popularity and trust of many customers, while having a vast and well-established consumer base representing the brand.

Most of the hired retailers can purchase and sell its CBD oil products, with discounted rates on its products. In recent times, Kannaway has extended its business for its customers in the northern part of the U.S. and several pieces of Europe and Africa. 

KANNAWAY quick summary

Kannaway – Inside story

Kannaway happens to be multi-level marketing (MLM) company located in California, which specializes in the production of CBD Hemp oil products. In 2014, the company was launched and run by CEO Blake Schroeder. Kannaway’s primary goal is sharing the life-changing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), which are hemp-based. They also cater to support for families and people with special aids and in the requirement of cannabinoids.

Kannaway laboratory verification 

Kannaway, on its official website, showcases the laboratory verification report on all products. They also claim that all their products are GMO-free and devoid of any pesticides. Moreover, the company uses the hemp used for production, which is grown devoid of any usage of herbicides.

Kannaway makes use of three various third-party laboratories to get more accurate verification reports of the product’s CBD concentration level, along with its safety profile against any toxic substances. 

Kannaway – product lines

Kannaway has an extensive product line that ranges from the typical CBD oil tinctures to all the skincare products. Take a close look at a few of their products which Kannaway has to offer:

  • Premium Hemp Oil Caps
  • Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator
  • Pure CBD Premium Capsules
  • Kannaway Pure CBD
  • Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews
  • Kannaway Salve Travel
  • Kannaway Salve

Kannaway – Product line in details

The Kannaway product comes with CBD oil in many forms, like tinctures, lotions, salves/balms, essential oils, protein powder, and CBD dog treats. The CBD in these products is derived from the Hemp and Cannabis plant, which will not get you high owing to zero THC. And their products are legal all over the U.S. and Canada. Apart from the CBD hemp products, Kannaway has several formulas that are unique. These formulas make the product stand out in the crowd. For instance, Premium Humulus oil. It is a CBD oil that is not derived from Cannabis or Hemp but is produced by using the Kriya brand’s extract of Humulus flowers.

Kannaway generally makes use of the proprietary BiBong formula all through its manufacturing of products. These Bĭbong formulas are some herbal formulations made by a family line of doctors for centuries. 

✔ HempVap

HempVap is Kannaway’s e-cigarette using CBD oil and other ingredients such as MCT oil, one main CBD oil vaporizer product. The cost comes to $42.99 for 100mg cartridge, or $165.99 for a single cartridge. It is a party- pack offer for four. 

✔ Revive CBD Oil Drops

Kannaway’s ‘Revive’ CBD oil drops keep the user glowing with good health, positive energy, and allows them to work better with extra zeal. The entire product range comes with  CBD and MCT oils similar to other products. It also has the goodness of Bibong’s herbal blend. It, by all accounts, makes the extra product special.

All the drops come in three assorted formulas, and each last for around a month:

  • AM Awaken drops (60ml comes for $110.99)
  • PM Restore drops (60ml comes for $79.99)
  • Revive Pro drops (120ml comes for $214.99)

The AM drops is recommended to be taken in the morning to help in boosting energy for the whole day. The PM drops help in relaxation in the evening. The ‘Pro’ drops are AM drops’ healthier version with more CBD in them.

KANNAWAY product

Skin Care product range

Kannaway produces and sells most of the skincare solution range along with ‘total care’ packages while combining different products. For instance, they club together all the skincare products, a cleanser, exfoliate, toner, serum, and moisturizer in one package for selling purposes. 

Additional CBD Hemp Products

There are additional products like dog treats, protein powders, and pain creams, which have many potential uses with the benefits of CBD oil. These products are also available in combo packs. And, this is Kannaway’s most efficient mode of trying out multiple products and saving on some cash. 

Though all these products are legal, the price is on the heavier side.

Product Price of Kannaway

The price of their product varies owing to the particular product the interested user wants to purchase. A small jar of travel salve costs around $4. while the premium-graded concentrated hemp oil goods cost around $400 for a single pot. 

Shipping Policy of Kannaway

All consumers of CBD products can purchase their preferred products from the official online store of Kannaway. Most of their products are readily available in many retail outlets, too—the policies and costs related to shipping rest on the location of the customer. Kannaway also ships its products internationally. 

Return policy of Kannaway 

The company believes in the return policy, giving a 30-day guarantee for each product.  Customers return the products that they have purchased earlier, but then they have to follow various terms and conditions. Kannaway never accepts any product, whose seal has been opened. Moreover, the products have to be in a re-saleable state. They should cater to all the company rules, and while making a purchase, the customer should note that the company never provides for any refund on the shipping costs.

Consumer reports

Many users have a varied opinion on various online properties, all-inclusive the reports on social media, representing Kannaway. Mostly, people are found in liking Kannaway and having full trust in its products. Also, many consumers are viewing the customer support team of Kannaway to be very efficient, professional, and useful. 

Pros and cons of Kannaway

Pros ✔

  • Lots of products to choose from
  • The products cater to sound CBD therapeutic effects  
  • All the products offer sales and promotions  
  • The products provide to gift card support  
  • Many products offer loyalty programs  
  • The company supports ethical practices  
  • Kannaway believes in international shipping policies.  

Cons ✖ 

  • Extremely expensive
  • Average reviews from consumers
  • No lab test available

Final Thoughts on Kannaway – is it Legal or Scam? 

Kannaway is a legal company having reasonably affiliated programs. They are the unique brand selling high-end quality CBD products while offering people with excellent business opportunities in becoming one amongst its brand ambassadors. The company initially got launched in the United States and created quite a reputation for itself ever since 2009. It expanded to various parts of Africa and Europe later. In the present scenario, Kannaway has come up with multiple new products and is developing its official website. Now, the company is fully active over social media, while helping its consumers manage their orders at ease. Most of the customer reviews showcase their satisfaction overusing the products that Kannaway has to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Kannaway cater to free returns, and what is their policy of exchanging products?

Regrettably, no, Kannaway never offers any free returns and exchanges. Before purchasing, you are thus advised to read their rules concerning returns and exchanges on this particular topic. 

Q. Can Kannaway’s products be used with other medical documents?

They never provide any medical advice. So, you should consult with your doctor before making any medical decision.

Q. Are there any possible side effects?

The products of Kannaway have no side effects, as these products are made from natural ingredients. But still, it is advisable to through the details of any product before you plan to purchase.

Q. Can Kannaway Pure CBD be used for pets? 

Yes, the Kannaway Pure CBD stands as a very safe for canines. The entire CBD oil is toxic-free while making a portion of good food and drink supplement. Their Revive CBD Oil Drops is a calming tonic helping the overactive dog to calm down or solve any of their body/ muscle pain issues. 

Q. Is there any amount of THC found in Kannaway CBD products?

Kannaway CBD products use Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, which legally contains up to 0.3% THC. Moreover, the presence of the same will never get you high. 

Q. Where is Kannaway CBD located?

The location of Kannaway CBD is in California, in the U.S.