Highland Pharms Review

Highland Pharms’ motive is capturing the CBD market by implementing the old-time natural and organic methods of promoting good health. They also believe in striking a balance  within the body of the CBD users. Luke Johnston, one of the co-founders, made use of the CBD products in his personal life while undergoing chemotherapy and battling metastatic cancer of the colon. Though he breathed his last in 2016, he kept on sharing his CBD experience and how it aided him, with all the side effects of his deteriorating physical condition. It ultimately paved the way to the emergence of Highland Pharms CBD.

The company’s hemp grows in Colorado with the use of the supercritical CO2 extraction process to obtain its CBD. The critical information is always shared based on the difference between the full spectrum and the isolated forms of CBD. All the products accepting CBD the isolate crystals are manufactured from an entire hemp plant.

Highland Pharms CBD oil, takes adequate care in notifying their customers about CBD and ways and means of choosing their associated products. They give out various CBD products along with the lab-test results. 

CBD’s countless medical paybacks have become well-known and is well-accepted amongst many CBD users. Many companies have started voting for this CBD movement, taking advantage of it’s booming market.  



✦ Highland Pharms Quick Summary

✦ Distinctions and Awards

Highland Pharms – who are they?

Highland Pharms Product Lines

Sum-up of additional Highland Pharms merchandises

Highland Pharms Pros and Cons

Final Thoughts on Highland Pharms – Legal or Scam?

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Highland Pharms Quick Summary

CBD oil is well-talked about the thing in the natural and organic health industry. It claims to alleviate various issues concerning acute depression, nervousness, and even physical discomfort. 

Cannabis’s validation of several states has lately directed an outpouring of products like this. It is the reason why businesses are pouring in, with a hope to hold-up their market share. Let us review one such company, namely Highland Pharms, to provide a better perspective to all CBD customers.

Distinctions and Awards

Finally, CBD can be purchased with confidence, as the product of Highland Pharms ranks in the first lot amongst the many wide-ranging ones in the CBD industry. It consists of exactness in labeling, insecticides, heavy metallic bits, microorganisms, mycotoxins, and terpenes. While purchasing and searching, you should search for their Remedy Review Seal.you should be sure of what you are purchasing. The Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops (500mg) were awarded the Seal of Satisfaction in 2019.

Highland Pharms – who are they?

Highland Pharms is acclaimed for its permanency in the industry with the inflow of new CBD companies and their related products. Initially evolving in 2015, they have got the prominence as an industry front-runner. They are well-known for their reliability in the production of high-quality products. It helped them in earning credibility and constancy. 

Highland Pharms’ CBD is produced from medicinally high-grade mp while using the proper processing of CO2. This method caters to a healthy CBD product featuring an entire range of cannabinoids and phytonutrients. 

The company incorporates the natural and organic ways while promoting good health and maintaining balance inside the user’s body. The company continuously strives to give-out knowledge of CBD benefits to its esteemed consumers. 

In a nutshell, Highland Pharms stands as a well-thought-of company manufacturing well-researched products. While reviewing, let us put a handful of their essential CBD products under the magnifying glass for visualizing the ways and means they use in measuring up their products. 

Highland Pharms Product Lines

All the Highland Pharms products are manufactured by using high-quality and full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. By using the same, the customers expect and also get an entire cannabinoids range, as found in the maximum of the Highland Pharms items. Their official website features the chemical analysis of a third-party prominently while providing evidence of the same. Their crystals never make the proper usage of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, rather than CBD isolate. 

✅ Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops

The Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops consists of a slight percentage of THC, which is present in cannabis as a psychoactive component. It is well known for its ‘high’ or ‘drugged’ sensation. Also, many such CBD oil products available in the market are 100% THC free with the federal law generally permiting these products within a range of 0.3% THC. It is lawfully catered to in the US. And the Highland Pharms CBD oil comes under these limits. 

The traceable THC amounts in Highland Pharms CBD oils are owing to the full-spectrum process of CO2, which they use while extracting their CBD. 

By and large, Highland Park CBD oil takes much high THC concentrations in getting the consumer high. But the consumer should not worry about these products, that it might leave them feeling drugged. To change direction to the safe mode, you should intake an oil that is made using CBD in an isolated form. 

Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops – These all include 250 mg, 500 mg, 1250 mg, 6000 mg, and even a 15,000 mg of helping, and that stands higher than most CBD products available in the market. The prices are always high with the levels of concentration. They also cater to a low concentrated tincture, which is a pet-friendly CBD oil, meant for canines and felines. 

Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops have three different tastes when the question comes to strength and proportions. Natural, showcasing the taste profile of the hemp. The palate gets admired by a handful of users. Apart from this, Mint and Strawberry tastes are available also. The Mint does an excellent job masking of the hemp’s natural components for taste enhancement. 

✅ Highland Pharms CBD Gummies

Highland Pharms caters to an easy-going method with its Gummies. These Highland Pharms CBD Gummies are vitamins coming in many-quantity packages, all-inclusive a mixed variety of tastes. These gummies are natural, organic, and vegan. It is user-friendly with pectin inside them, in place of gelatin and artificial sweeteners. Their color comes from natural and organic extracts, which comes from organically grown carrots, pumpkins, black currants, and apples. All the gummies have natural flavors. 

Highland Pharms make use of their full-spectrum CBD Hemp Oil while making the gummies. It caters to a separate hemp-dominated taste. It might not be appealing to many CBD users. Highland Pharms Gummies concentration level is generally high as compared to the gummies available in the market. These all come in a pack of 10 mg and 20 mg dosages. For the requirement of low dosage, these gummies can be taken while cutting in half or quarters. 


✅ Highland Pharm CBD Capsules

The Highland Pharms CBD Capsules are the perfect solution with the significant use of oils while giving the users the required freedom of adjusting the right dose often. The new users get to determine their ideal dosage rightfully. The only down-side of these oils is that it is problematic to keep 100% precise constancy. Highland Pharms CBD Capsules come in 15 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, and 75 mg dosages, and the capsules are of a soft-gel format made with gelatin. So, it is not suitable for vegans. Their 100 mg powder-filled capsule is the only option for vegans,  as it is plant-based. 

✅ Highland Pharms Vaping Merchandises

Highland Pharms shines its way amongst the CBD lovers with their high-end vaping products. These are made of the total use of 100% vegetable-based glycerine, as their juice’s base. 

Most of the vape juices, along with the e-liquids, make use of a propylene glycol base. This chemical concentrate gives out the vape juices with a slightly brighter taste. It is also not too healthy. Propylene glycol sometimes acts irritating in the throat. Most even suffer from acute sensitivities also. Vegetable glycerin consists of the all-natural and organic component, which is considered as a healthy alternative in place of other commercial vape products. 

Highland Pharms has two different vape juices – focusing purely on CBD. The second line has FX CBD Vape Oil featuring exciting products. This line has CBD boosting with varying terpenes of hemp in uplifting the taste effects. These formulas include terpene focusing on originality, improving focus, and improving retention power. 

Sum-up of additional Highland Pharms merchandises

CBD Waxes: Highlands Pharm has three various types of CBD waxes, for using in vape pens or dabbing gears. These are readily found in 300PLUS, 500PLUS, besides 750PLUS

CBD Extract: Highland Pharms CBD Extracts are raw, and it is 100%. It means that neither heat nor any chemical is implemented in the withdrawal or packing procedure. These pure extracts consist of 100 cannabinoids and 400 terpenes, from which around 200 are purified ones. It comes packed  in the jars or syringes inside the same.  

CBD Cream and Lotion: Highland Pharms have two types of CBD skin-care products, like skin ointment and balms.  They help the body to relax, as the dose of CBD is slowly absorbed by the user’s body.

Super-foods, along with other Herbal Enrichments: These are the lone products stepping aside from the hemp world in Highland Pharms official website and are acclaimed as the “super-foods.” These super-foods are nothing but food supplements that are made from other useful plants. These plants include Moringa and Shilajit-resin. 

Highland Pharms Pros and Cons

Pros ✔

❍ Third-party lab testing caters to accessible admittance

❍ Scientific CO2 withdrawal procedure

America-grown medicinal graded hemp

Uses full-spectrum cannabinoids

All goods are Eco-friendly

Vast product range

Can purchase with crypto-currencies

Cons ✖ 

❍ Very expensive

❍ The official site does not have an “about us” page.

The website design is cumbersome and loud.

Some tinctures or concentrations come with confusing names and ‘mg’ power.

Lab verification reports not given.

Better products are available in the market

Lacks product info

Final Thoughts on Highland Pharms – Legal or Scam?

The Highland Pharms have left their consumers with many imaginations to imagine, and it is challenging to come up with any stoic result. They do cater to an attractive and vast product range, right from gummies, concentrates, capsules and essences. But then these products are not worth the price of the company tags. Without any realistic verification of their quality and value, it is challenging to rely upon their CBD products. In all, the Highland Pharms maintain their reputation and in bringing their esteemed consumers on board. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to store Highland Pharms’ CBD items?

✍ All products are best stored in the average temperature of a room. These should be kept away from direct sun rays.  And for their CBD wax, these are a bit too harsh for the outside temperature. You have to keep these inside the fridge to make them hard. Life for all these products is generally not more than two years. 

Q. What are central plants for CBD, and are these organic ones?

✍ These all products use plant extracts grown in Colorado, U.S.A.  And all these plants are organically-grown and come GMO-free.

Q. How do these products taste?

✍ The taste of all Highland Pharms’ products deals with personal choice.  The in-takers of these CBD products are the better individual to judge on this particular aspect.

Q. Do they ship outside the US?

✍ Regrettably, they do not ship outside the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.  

Q. What is precisely Industrial hemp?

✍ Industrial Hemp is the maximum hemp grown worldwide presently. And the non-industrial ones are none but Marijuana.  Industrial hemp comes from the cannabis plant, having a meager amount of THC.