Cannabidiol or CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, or scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa. It is a natural ingredient and produces many cannabinoids in the cannabis family. The CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant and gets diluted with the help of coconut or hemp oil. And, the entire process is conducted in their company laboratory. This exclusive process yields the products of CBD oil products, which are varied from hemp seed oil. As per the research, the benefits of health concerning CBD oil have travelled a long way. Many companies provide various CBD oil-based products catering to different purposes. But Hempland USA stands caters to CBD products online and manages to establish their presence in this competitive market of recent times.



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❱ Hempland USA – what is in the name?

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Hempland USA Quick Summary

Their new fad of intake of CBD products, concerning the health industry has taken the world by storm. The recent cannabis legalization in many American states has made the CBD oil rise steeply in approval.

Right from back pain and anxiety to depression and insomnia, Cannabis is the new health obsession that has supposedly helped to solve several health issues. Thus, many companies are launching themselves all the time with the bright hope of minting money.

Read the review in detail below to make a note about Hempland USA and its worthiness. 


Hempland USA – what is in the name?

Hempland USA brand is a USA-based company, found in 2014. They offer a vast range of CBD oil and CBD products. Their products range right from various oils to creams to soft gel in America. Hempland USA provides high-quality CBD-rich oils while helping people in many health-related issues. 

The technique of extracting of the hemp oil is referred to as Supercritical CO2 Extraction. The CO2 molecules are treated at a specific heat and under positive pressure. It thus converts the same into a liquid drawing out the hemp oil, while ensuring its purity. As per Hempland USA, it is the most natural and subtle method of extracting hemp oil, devoid of harming its logical structure. And so, not only are they using high-end natural components but are also utilizing the best methods for extraction of high-end CBD hemp oil to preserve the purity of the ‘taken-out’ CBD oil and any of the by-products.

Hempland CBD Products

Hempland USA has a range of six product varieties that can be purchased on their official website. Look at the list of Hempland USA products carefully to get a better overview.

✅ ECS5 – Cannabitol Full-spectrum CBD oil  

It is enhanced with ECS5 and is a uniquely formulated product. It combines all the components having full-spectrum hemp CBD oil as well as ECS5 extract. ECS5 happens to be a unique blend of concentrated CO2-extracted plant oil along with clove, black pepper, rosemary, hops, and jujube. This blend makes the product deliver the most cutting-edge Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The same comes in three varieties, and the quantity of ECS5 ranges between 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg individually. ECS5 of 500mg is priced at $99.95, 1000mg of ECS5 costs around $149.95 and lastly 2000mg of ECS5 comes for $199.95. These items are described to be preliminary, transitional, and maximum power, correspondingly.

✅ Full-Spectrum – Cannabitol Full-Spectrum CBD oil 

This oil has three different varieties while the full-Spectrum product consists of hemp oil and its natural constituents.

The same comes in three variants, 350mg, 750mg, and 1500mg, and these options are described as preliminary, transitional, and maximum powers individually. The cost of the 350mg modification is $59.95, while the 750mg variant is rated at $99.95. Besides, the 1500mg option costs around $149.95.

✅ THC Free – Cannabitol THC Free Hemp CBD Oil 

Cannabitol THC Free Hemp CBD Oil is made for people who never like to have THC in their CBD products. And the elimination of THC caters to the same purpose, as it is a Full-Spectrum oil. 

This product has similar three variations, identical to Full-Spectrum – ranging between 350mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. These are described as preliminary, transitional, and maximum powers individually. The CBD amount has supercritical CO2 extract, and it is added devoid of the THC).

The Full-Spectrum of 350mg variation costs $59.95, while the 750mg variant costs $99.95. Lastly, the 1500mg variant costs $149.95.

Please remember to take your doctor’s advice before dealing with ailments on your own.

✅ Topicals 

There are two variations of topicals that this company makes available.
The primary one is the CANNABITOL Therapeutic Cream 350mg. It consists of 350mg of proprietary CBD and is a combination of a unique active botanic formulation. The product provides relief on any pain to its users.

This cream is for external use and fast-acting and long-lasting. Apply this cream on areas of discomfort, for three times per day. This particular product costs around $59.95.

The second one is the CANNABITOL Restorative Cream 500mg. This cream delivers some real skincare benefits to its users by working on the visible signs of ageing. And this product is being used externally barring the eyes. You have to apply this cream twice daily on freshly cleansed face and neck areas.

It should be noted that both of the products are free of THC. The cost of this product ranges around $79.95.

✅ Soft gels – Cannabitol Soft Gels 750mg 

Every single soft gel comprises 25mg of THC Free CBD Hemp Oil. And all the soft gels are intended for people who are looking for a high THC free dose. The product’s advantage is that you can get the intense treatment or high power of the THC free Full-spectrum oil in soft-gel form. It stands very useful by being supportive of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). You should only take one or two soft gels per day, while pregnant women or nurses should never use it. This product costs around $99.95.

✅ K9 

The CANNABITOL K-9 Drops of 350mg CBD (THC Free) consists of 1 fl oz. THC Free Hemp Oil and 11.7mg CBD Hemp Oil.  This is related to each serving. This product renders various benefits of hemp oil to adorable pets like dogs and cats.

It is given to the pets by adding a few drops to their food or else is ingested directly. As recommended, it should be served twice daily. Dogs weighing under 25lbs can intake 1/4th dropper, 25-75lbs weighing dogs can intake 1/4th to 1/2 dropper, while the 75lbs plus weighing dogs can intake 1/2 to 1 full dropper. The cost of this product is $59.95 on its official website.


Transparency of the company 

Hempland USA publically shows the transparency of the lab results of various tests on each of their products and floats it on their official website. They also openly give out a ‘disclaimer’ to all their revered clients claiming that none of their products has any intention of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any health condition or diseases.

Hempland USA also provides home-grown health by obtaining and working on the entire CBD line internally. They are self-sufficient with an expert team of planners, researchers, producers, tester, and sales staff. Their products are slightly costly in this economic market, but then they ensure using high-end ingredients and focusing on the quality of their products.

Pros and Cons on Hempland USA

Pros ✔

  • Caters to guaranteed money-back
  • High-end Hemp is used for the manufacturing of products.
  • Available in various amounts, catering to the requirements
  • Attractively packed  

Cons ✖ 

  • No laboratory verification
  • Moderately costly
  • Better products available on the CBD market
  • Lacking testimonials

A final thought on Hempland USA – Legal or Scam? 

All the Hempland USA products are high-end, and the company is very confident about its excellence and usefulness. They give a 100% money-back guarantee to all the customers and that is one trademark of Hempland USA. The company offers six different products, each product specialising in its production domain. Some of the products of Hempland USA are pricey. But to gain the maximum benefits devoid of any side effects of THC, you should pay the additional cost for the same. 

Hempland USA products are not FDA-approved medications. In conclusion, it is suggested to use Hempland USA CBD based products for your daily treatments, skincare concerns, and keeping the health issues well within controlled limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the actual source of Hemp?

✍ The particular hemp strain was grown in greenhouses and outdoor farms in California, along with Colorado, which is the actual source of HempLand’s CBD.

Q. Is Hemp organic?

✍ The Hemp is grown organically by using all farming techniques and is pesticides and toxins free. A method of extraction is solvent-free, ensuring that the process of extraction is contaminant free.

Q. Are all products free of gluten and vegan-friendly?

✍ All the products of HempLand USA are free of gluten and safe for health. All the CANNABITOL tinctures are vegan-friendly, the CANNABITOL Soft Gels are not vegan. These soft gels contain marine gelatin.

Q. How to store these CBD products?

✍ The CBD products are stored best in a dark, dry, and cool place. Place the lid tightly to prevent any air from getting inside the container. The CBD products should also be stored out of the reach of pets and children.

Q. CBD is addictive or not?

✍ As per the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is a safe and non-addictive substance. And it has no known adverse side effects.