A lot of health products claim to cater for life-changing benefits for health. Most of them are not so worth the hype, but there is one that looks like it will stay for long in the cannabis market.

CBD oil has been used in Eastern medicine for many decades. As it is natural, it took quite some time for the FDA to verify the same. 

However, Greenlife Organics is widely available, and everyone is selling it across the counter. Read the detailed review of Greenlife Organics company to get the know-how on whether they are worth purchasing or not.



  • Greenlife Organics: Quick Summary
  • Greenlife Organics – what is in the name?
  • Greenlife Organic Product line
  • Pros and cons of Greenlife Organics
  • Final Thoughts on Greenlife Organics – Legal or scam?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Greenlife Organics: Quick Summary

Greenlife Organics believes in ‘seed-to-sale’ operation, and while using, you might just start admiring the same. They are very product conscious and believe in high-end quality when the question comes to sustainability. Their CBD products are all simple, natural, and organically produced, carrying a high- quality in their product’s understatement. They generally offer the products that fall under the category of isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum And that is really commendable, as they print showcase everything in their online official site. Moreover, an impressive team is always present to support the official part.

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Greenlife Organics – what is in the name?

Certain aspects separate Greenlife Organics from other renowned CBD vendors in the market. They use the hemp flowers exclusively to produce their individual CBD oil and the related products. The plant manure is later used for further cultivation of Hemp flowers. These Hemp Flowers have cannabinoids of high concentration levels in comparison to the stalks and stems.  The Greenlife Organics test the product potency proving the existence of their potent cannabidiol.

The talented team behind greenlife Organics is made of three long-time friends with qualifications in bio-science. The Director of Research Science, Dr Phil Millman. His experience in cannabis, botanical extraction, as well as homeopathic medicine stands praise-worthy.

Greenlife grows its Hemp in California and Oregon organically. Their laboratory verification reports claim their CBD products to be contaminant-free cannabidiol.  The Greenlife product line focuses on five items, ranging between isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD oil drops. Their broad-spectrum drops contain other cannabinoids, but zero amount of THC, catering to back-up effect without any THC content. Remarkably, Greenlife’s broad-spectrum CBD oil drops have more amounts of cannabinoids. And these broad-spectrum drops are the most preferred ones amongst most of the CBD users. 

The full spectrum gel capsules and CBD oil drops for pets are yet another great product. Their online display of wide-ranging components’ lists is worth applauding. Product sustainability, powerful CBD oil, and product clearness are all full of positive reviews.

Greenlife Organic Product line

All their products are rich in Cannabinoids, like CBD, CBN, CBG along with useful Terpenes and Trichomes. The products help infuse the lifestyle by lowering stress level, catering to excellent and adequate sleep, and curing any pain. 

  • Self-Care Kit ~ Cbd Bundle ~ Natural Cbd Goodness
  • 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer ~ Made In The USA ~ Scentless
  • Full Spectrum Max Cbd Oil For Back-Pain Relief ~ Fresh Strawberry
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Capsules For Back-Pain Relief
  • Broad Spectrum Zero Cbd Oil For Anxiety Relief ~ Fresh Strawberry
  • Cbd Infused Hemp Chews For Dogs For Canine Wellness ~ 31 Count
  • Heads & Tails Hemp Oil For Pet Anxiety & Joint Pain Relief ~ Unflavored
  • Pure Gold Cbd Oil For Sleep ~ Unflavored
  • Isolate Cbd Oil For Balance ~ Unflavored
  • Pure Gold Cbd Muscle Balm
  • Rebalance Butter Cbd Salve
  • Time Off Cbd Candle ~ 100% Organic ~ Natural Bamboo Woodwick

✅ Hemp capsules

You can enjoy their smooth, travel-ready CBD pills whenever you require a quick potion of organic CBD. Just take 1-2 capsules daily and support it naturally by lowering stress level, catering to better sleep, and relief from any pain. 

✅ CBD oils

Their CBD Oil Tinctures infuses the Greenlife quality into all aspects of your regular wellness routine. It is organically-grown with a lot of care and sunshine! Their CBD (Cannabidiol) Tinctures help to infuse the lifestyle with less amount of stress, the right amount of sleep and relieving any pain with the help of CBD’s natural benefits. You just have to fill the dropper and place 10 CBD drops under your tongue. Hold it for 90 seconds, and swallow.  Watch your health bloom with positivity!

✅ Hemp Topicals

Use their CBD-infused balm and butter, as these products are perfect for relieving of all sorts of muscle spasms and pains. It gives your skin a lot of vibrancy. Just rub into a tender or constraining muscle and sense the natural and pure goodness of CBD.

✅ CBD pet products

Greenlife Organic’s CBD Pet Products infuses the balancing of the pet’s body, soul, and mind.

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

It is made under the guidelines of WHO/FDA, having a potent 80% Alcohol in it. Their products are all unique, and so is the Hand Sanitizer. It will bring you peace of mind by removing 99.99% of unsafe germs and bacteria. Just spray a couple of times in hands and clean until dry. You can also use the same for spraying the grocery cart handles, as these are loaded with germs!


Pros and cons of Greenlife Organics 

Pros ✔

  • The third-party laboratory conducts tests on all CBD products
  • Clearly outlines the process of selection and extraction 
  • Grows, processes, and manufactures all products in the personal farm
  • High-end product quality
  • All over the United States, free shipping is permissible
  • A vast array of CBD products on their official website

Cons ✖ 

  • The delivery of the product takes time.
  • Products are expensive.
  • Certain products misses-out on lab-tests

Final Thoughts on Greenlife Organics – Legal or scam?

Greenlife Organics has a high CBD of isolate, full-spectrum line along with some choices that are broad-spectrum ones. The products are easily maintainable, relying upon the ‘seed-to-sale’ process.

Greenlife Organics can be compared with a tiny group of companies. This company is all about reasonable practices and making everything right from their A-Z products, and easy application. You should feel confident about their CBD products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Broad Spectrum mean?

Broad Spectrum is CBD Products containing all the useful components in the Hemp Plant. It is mainly THC based upon the person’s liking. 

Q. Is CBD equal to marijuana?

Though it often comes from marijuana plants, CBD as a whole is not marijuana. So, it is crucial to understand the dissimilarity concerning marijuana and Hemp. Hemp talk about cannabis plants containing less than .3% THC, while the marijuana differentiates cannabis plants with a count of THC over 0.3%.

Q. Why is Greenlife Organics considered the best?

There are three reasons worth considering about Greenlife Organics:

  • All the organic Hemp is grown by Hand in San Diego Hemp Farm.
  • They have their personal Cold Extraction Process for ensuring high-end pureness and product strength.
  • Their products are rooted in nature truly and well-refined by science. So, you can strike a balance. 

Q. Are all Greenlife Organic Products Legit?

Yes, Greenlife Products are all registered under the California State of Agriculture, with full agreement with global law in selling their products.

Q. Are all Greenlife Products lab-tested?

Yes, all their Hemp-based CBD Products are independently lab-tested and are tested below the legal limit of insecticides, harmful waste, and thick metallic pieces.