Green Gorilla Review

Green Gorilla is worth the hype in the cannabis market and is here to stay for long. For hundreds of years, in Eastern medicine, CBD oil has been used profusely. It is owing to its natural and organic property. 

So, read the review of one CBD oil company, namely Green Gorilla, to get the know-how of whether this company is the perfect fit for you or not. It will thus assist those still scouting for a reputable manufacturer of CBD products, also. 


Table of Contents

  • Green Gorilla – A quick summary
  • Green Gorilla – the inside story
  • Green Gorilla- Manufacturing and Product Analysis
  • Green Gorilla — Product Line
  • Green Gorilla – Best products worth purchasing
  • Pros and Cons on Green Gorilla CBD
  • A final thought on Green Gorilla CBD – Is it legal or scam?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Green Gorilla – A quick summary

Green Gorilla has become one of the leading companies, expanding rapidly all over the hemp market. According to them, hemp has shown a stupendous amount of promise in the manufacturing exchange of renewed fuel sources, yard goods, plastics, as well as paper. Apart from those things, they are 100% committed over-extraction of the hemp’s medicinal properties into all healing products for their esteemed consumer’s body, soul, and mind.

GREEN GORILLA qucik summary

Green Gorilla – the inside story

A globally acclaimed brand, Green Gorilla, was founded by Chairman and CEO Steven Saxton, an accomplished entrepreneur. He shot to fame due to his company’s core belief that hemp should be used in several ways, like medicine, food, textiles, bodybuilding, paper, and fuel.

Green Gorilla focuses on the medicinal benefits of hemp. It is done via its state-of-art CBD products and its associated offers. They have pride in catering to only all-natural, organic certified CBD products, which ranks amongst the topmost in the CBD market.

Green Gorilla- Manufacturing and Product Analysis

  • Green Gorilla owns its agricultural unit
  • The company make use of Non-GMO hemp
  • The company also uses Supercritical Carbon Dioxide for the extraction method
  • All their products are THC – free
  • All products go under the Third-party testing ritual.

#1 Farming of Hemp  

Green Gorilla CBD has their individual agricultural unit, located in Colorado. The farm is a certified organic one, where all Non-GMO hemp is utilized for production purposes.

For the manufacturers of CBD products, being an owner of a farm caters to a positive impact on the company’s end products’ quality. Their hemp is purely organic and devoid of any potentially harmful chemicals from pesticides. 

#2 Extraction process

After the harvest of its organic hemp, the crops have to undergo a thorough extraction process, namely supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. This process makes use of frozen as well as compressed CO2 for the removal of CBD from the hemp plant. It permits for a mild method, by not damaging the hemp compounds, preserving additional properties.

#3 Manufacturing method

Green Gorilla follows all the right manufacturing guidelines while making its CBD products. That is why, while using, you will notice that the products are all GMP certified. Moreover, the company makes good use of just the USDA organic hemp. It thus guarantees the end product being free from possibly harmful chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

The entire product range undergoes testing by a third-party laboratory, forgetting the product’s 100% certainty of product consistency, as per the terms of strength and quality.

#4 Invention

Green Gorilla has successfully introduced a new CBD product line into the market in recent times. The company creates a unique mixture that is ‘a-cut-above’ from the rest. It is in a combination of the healthy goodness of both olive and hemp. 

Green Gorilla Company ranks under an initial lot of using extra virgin olive oil in pure form. It acts as a suitable carrier for CBD, and aids in absorbing the CBD.

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), acting as a carrier oil is used in preparing Green Gorilla’s Hemp & Olive product line. In itself, the EVO has high contents of polyphenol, bringing many health benefits and working synergistically together with CBD to get optimum results.

Green Gorilla — Product Line

Aside from their flagship line of Hemp and Oil, the company caters to a vast range of CBD products where you can cherry-pick your favored one. From the diverse product line, chances are bright for you to get the one that is right for you.

✔ Pure CBD Oils –

It is a collection of CBD oils, produced from 99%+ CBD oil and extra virgin olive oil, in the purest form, and devoid of any THC.  This entire product comes in concentrations of 150mg, 600mg, and 1500mg, and are available in natural as well as lemon flavors.

✔ Whole Plant Oil – 

This product is produced from the whole plant CBD extracts, which contains as low as .03% THC. It is available in a single strength, of 1200mg, and in natural flavor. It also has a pet care version!

✔ Topical – 

Green Gorilla’s Topical is used for direct application on the skin. It is a CBD botanical balm, having a strength of 300mg. Moreover, this herbal blend comprises eucalyptus, lavender, and cypress, and are also available in the form of a lip balm with a potency of 20mg.


Green Gorilla – Best products worth purchasing

Try out the Green Gorilla’s product line. Most of them are the company’s best-selling products and are always preferred by their esteemed customers.

✔ Hemp & Olive Whole Plant CBD Oil of 1200mg 

The Hemp and Olive Whole Plant CBD Oil is a cannabidiol extract of full-spectrum, prepared from the parts of the hemp plant, found above the ground. The entire oil consists of all the health-giving compounds found in the hemp plants, like terpenoid cannabinoids as well as flavonoids. 

The whole pure extract is made over a trademarked process.  And later the same is mixed with USDA Certified extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), acting as a transporter. According to Green Gorilla, the extra virgin olive oil synergistically works well with CBD. It thus helps in enhancing its entire effects on the body of the user.

Apart from the benefits of CBD, you will also get the health benefits courtesy the presence of olive oil. EVOO assists in the protection of your heart, fighting cancer, preventing obesity, supporting good health of the brain as well as slowing down the early aging of the entire body of the user.

All 30ml oil bottles consist of 75 helpings lasting for a fortnight. You have to take five pumps daily to get the best results. The entire product comes for less than $50 each.

List of components: Certified Organic Turmeric, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Root Extract, Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract (above-ground parts), Certified Organic GG BioEnhanced Complex, and Certified Organic Lecithin.

Instructions for intake and dosage: You are to take Green Gorilla CBD oil sublingually. Hold under the tongue for around 30 to 60 seconds before ingesting.

The recommended dosage of the same is five pumps, which is equal to CBD of 20mg and CBD of 80mg, all taken from the hemp extract. You can also increase the dosage as pre-requirement and individual liking. The entire product is available in 1200 mg bottles.

✔ Hemp & Olive Pure CBD Oil 600mg Lemon 

Hemp & Olive Pure CBD Oil 600mg Lemon is similar to the oils in the Hemp and Oil Pure CBD Line. The entire 600 mg formula sources from theGreen Gorilla Company’s personal farm in Colorado. The product is THC-free, and the oil is devoid of any psychoactive effects.

It is 100% organic and GMO-free with the extra goodness of Virgin Olive Oil, which is supplied by their California supplier, named Ojai Olive Oil. According to Garden Gorilla, the EVOO helps in increasing the bioavailability of CBD. Thus, the body absorbs it more while increasing the efficacy of the entire mixture. Apart from the CBD benefits, the user enjoys the added advantages over their health, courtesy of the presence of virgin oil in the purest form.

The entire 60 ml bottle consists of 2 ounces of fluid, priced at less than $100. It comes as a whole month’s supply, and you should take five pumps daily. 

List of components: GG BioEnhanced Complex, Organic Phytocannabinoid Hemp Extract, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extracts of Turmeric Root, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Lecithin as well as a Lemon essential oil 

Instructions for intake and dosage: This Pure CBD oil is taken sublingually, like all other Green Gorilla CBD oils. You should take five pumps daily into the mouth and place it directly under the tongue. Hold the oil in for about 30 to 60 seconds before you swallow. It is the correct way for optimum absorption. All doses are of five pumps consisting of 20mg of CBD or 4 mg in each pump. You should follow these dosing guidelines as given by Green Gorilla to get the better know-how:

  • 10mg to 24mg for General Well Being
  • 40mg to 80mg for Inflammation, Stress Relief and Anxiety
  • 80mg to 200mg for Neurological Support
  • 200+mg for Extreme Support

Pros and Cons on Green Gorilla CBD

Pros ✔

  • No THC or psychoactive effects present in the products.
  • The products come in organic and natural lemon flavor.
  • The pump dispensing has a measuring system.
  • Caters to all the CBD benefits, all-inclusive the flavonoids, and terpenoids. 
  • The CBD is of full spectrum.
  • All products are sugar-free.

Cons ✖ 

  • The method of dispensing liquid makes the sublingual intake more problematic as compared to the traditional dropper.
  • You have to pay extra for a glass dropper.
  • You have to purchase a glass dropper for this pump dispensing system products.
  • Limited flavors are available, as it is only between citrus or the natural hemp flavor.

A final thought on Green Gorilla CBD – Is it legal or scam?

You have all the reasons to love this ecologically conscious Green Gorilla CBD company. This was to give their users the goodness of both olives as well as hemp. The entire mixture optimizes the bio-availability as a whole.

Following that, Green Gorilla protects nature by unlocking the potentiality of hemp. This notion alone deserves a lot of support from all its esteemed customers.

Subsequently, all Green Gorilla products are very beneficial, mainly the product line consisting of Hemp and Olive. The outcomes of this company are priced, keeping in mind the competitive CBD market. But then, there are certain areas the company should improve on. For example, the line-up of its products is limited and never has any pills and capsules.

But it is not right for those CBD users who like to intake pills, capsules, and gummies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which product is perfect for me?

While being new to CBD, you should go in for some trial and error before finding out which product will work best for you. While trying any product initially, try out with the low dose. You can then gradually work on your way up with a high dose.

Q. Where can one buy the CBD oil of Green Gorilla?

The most convenient mode of purchasing Green Gorilla CBD Oil is via their official website. They currently transport their products all over the United States.

Green Gorilla, along with Palko Services, has taken the initiative in making their products available in most retail outlets, apart from their online stores. 

Q. Does Green Gorilla have any side effects?

In a general sense, CBD is well-tolerated by many users. A handful of them experiences some mild side effects like fatigue or any appetite alternation. There are chances that CBD might react with certain medicines. So, you should consult a trusted general practitioner before you intake any of the same.

Q. What is the return policy of Green Gorilla?

Green Gorilla only accepts returns and refunds back money only for sealed product packets. You have to request within 14 working days from the time you receive the package. Also, the consumers are supposed to bear the shipping cost.