Green Garden Gold Review

Green Garden Gold has an array of CBD products, similar to edibles, oils, tinctures, topical along with pet products. For being amongst the top brands producing CBD merchandise, the company requires in being pro with their high-quality products and its production process.  Thus, they believe in transparency in the lab tests, the entire product manufacturing process, and its cost. Read the detailed discussion about the Green Garden Gold to get a better overview of all its products, along with its pros and cons. 


Table of contents

  • Green Garden Gold – A quick summary
  • Green Garden – significant aspects
  • Green Garden Gold – product lines
  • Green Garden Gold’s Special CBD pet products
  • Green Garden Gold weight management product:
  • Green Garden Gold’ additional products
  • Skincare products by Green Garden Gold
  • Real Terpenes + CBD
  • Pure Isolate CBD
  • Green Garden Gold – Return policy
  • Green Garden Gold – the Pros and Cons
  • Final Thoughts on Garden Green Gold: Is it legal or scam?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Green Garden Gold – A quick Summary

The Green Garden Gold company was established in 2014 by the president and CEO, Justin Barrick. It is a Carrollton based company. The company’s entire product range goes under laboratory verification. Also, certificates are available for analysis, with each product. This company is also well-known for hemp oil production, which is of high-end quality. The company’s primary objective is to deliver hemp oil along with any CBD based product to its best.

GREEN GARDEN GOLD -quick review

Green Garden – significant aspects:

The way they control their product quality is commendable. They use a high source of full-spectrum hemp and are organically grown in Colorado. The third-party results tell about the products being pesticide-free, mold-free, non-existence of heavy metallic pieces, and various other contaminants. Also, browse over their best sellers list, and you will surely be surprised, as their CBD capsule tops the list.

Green Garden Gold – product lines

  • Green Garden Gold’s CBD Oil Capsules:
    It is available in 900 mg potency with 30mg of CBD in each pill. The pill comes in a 470 mg of hemp extract blend, having a CBD amount of 30 mg. This makes up to a total of 500 mg. 
  • Yummy Gummies CBD Edibles:
    The Yummy Gummies CBD edibles come in gummies for two packs costing $ 9.99. The packaging is good and can be carried along while travelling as well. Each package consists of 30mg. And 60 mg of CBD.
  • VG Blended CBD Oils:
    The third top seller on the list is their CBD oil. The extraction of oil is done under the process of the CO2 extraction process. The company makes use of the USFDA certified organic hemp, which is sourced from Colorado. The oil extract is later mixed with VG (vegetable glycerin) along with some natural flavouring. Use a dropper and keep it under your tongue. Or else use CBD vape pens for quicker results. The product comes in four sizes, including assorted flavours like blueberry, strawberry, and so on. 

Green Garden Gold’s Special CBD pet products: 

This product is primarily for pet dogs and is of sound quality. The pet section is named “Doggy Be Good,” The list of the best pet products is given below –

The Joint Formula for dogs:

This CBD Joint Formula for dogs, having 60 pills in one bottle. It does not have any THC, so it is not harmful.

CBD oil:

This is specially formulated for pet dogs. You are supposed to mix the oil in the dog food, with a dropper, before feeding him. It helps in dissolving the oil faster.

‘Doggy is good’ CBD oil treats:

This popular product is made from whole wheat, and each treat has the CBD amount of about 2mg. Buy one container of 70 treats available, and it will last over a month, provided you give two gifts per day.

Gluten-Free CBD Treats:

This is given in 2 mg of CBD per treat and is gluten-free. It is a product based on peanut butter, and your lovable pet will surely love to have.


Green Garden Gold weight management product:

This is another category that you might not find in all of the CBD brands. Read below the list of products provided in this section to get a better overview:

CBD Ketones:

This product is lactose and dairy-free. 

CBD MCT Powder:

The CBD MCT powder enhances the energy levels of the body, as the ketone level increases.

CBD Probiotic:

This product is a must-try for its uniqueness. This CBD probiotic aids in digestion that eventually improves the entire body’s immunity.

Green Garden Gold’ additional products:

There are additional products listed on the company’s website.

CBD Muscle and Joint Rubs:

The hemp oil balm and CBD gel work very well for relieving any pain.

Skincare products by Green Garden Gold:

In the skincare range, there are two products available in their online store. One is the night serum, and the other is the day serum. They are well-designed with names like Moonglow and Sunrise, respectively. The hemp oil is used for the face, and the results are visible in a couple of days. The serum components consist of squalane, eucalyptus oil, and sunflower seed oil.

Real Terpenes + CBD

Not many brands cater to providing terpenes. But Green Garden Gold has the provision of selling terpene, made from cannabis. It offers a backup effect when consumed with the other products. It is available in various types, like Indica, Sativa, as well as Hybrid. These all products consist of 500 mg of CBD, in pure CBD isolate form.

Pure Isolate CBD:

Pure Isolate CBD is one of the high-quality Garden Green Gold products. Its CBD is in the crystalline form and is the purest form of the same. It is 99.9% pure. You can buy from either of the three jars and consume this as edible and as a rig.

Green Garden Gold – Return policy:

The company believes in the value-oriented return policy. The products can be returned within 30 days. It is suggested that to read the complete return policy on their official website and also the terms and conditions before you plan to answer any of their products.

Green Garden Gold – the Pros and Cons 

Pros ✔

  • All the products fertilizer-free, herbicide-free, have no heavy metallic pieces, and mould-free.
  • The products are suitable for people having some dietary restrictions.
  • Their CBD oils with assorted flavours are tasty.
  • The CBD drops are convenient in ingesting.
  • The drops can also be used inside a vaporizer.
  • The products are generally available online always.
  • The customer support system is very prompt.

Cons ✖ 

  • All products vary from each other.
  • The body reaction varies from one person to the other.
  • Not all products are available in retail outlets.
  • Ships with the US.
  • The product price is comparatively more.
  • No lab-test is available.

Final Thoughts on Garden Green Gold: Is it legal or scam?

Green Garden Gold is amongst the reputed CBD companies producing high-end CBD products. The brand has remained remarkably constant with the approach to offering a complete product range. There are many health benefits related to hemp products. While planning to consume their CBD products, try doing groundwork on the same, and also the ones that have cannabinoids, terpene, and other useful hemp plants. All CBD users profoundly recognize all products. Yet another usefulness is when the question comes to the product variety, as available. They excel in all. Without any doubt, this company is a one-stop-shop for all products concerning CBD like pills, ointments, oils, and so many more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Green Garden Gold products are all organic. Is it true?

The CBD, as well as CBG, gets extracted from the certified organically grown hemp. These are all done in-house. Other additional ingredients are grown organic too. 

Q. Is there any correct dosage to take Green Garden Gold?

Start with a low dosage of 7mg – 15mg once daily, and slowly increase the amount. Like always, you should consult your physician before starting with dietary supplements. The use of Green Garden Gold products intends that the individuals who are planning to consume should be 18 years or older.

Q. What is the right amount of CBD or CBG in each serving?

The total amount of CBD or CBG in each product is mentioned on the front of the label. The amount of CBD or CBG per serving is listed as on all the supplements. While consuming, read the facts panel printed on the back of the product box.

Q. Can CBD or CBG be consumed as a prescribed medicine?

Yes. These dietary supplements can be consumed as prescribed medicine. But, you should consult your doctor before starting with the same.

Q. Is there a THC present in Garden Green Gold’s product?

All of the products of Garden Green Gold have legalized an amount of less than .3% THC. Most of the products have 0% THC. And these products do not produce any psychoactive effects.