Endoca CBD is a research-driven company that believes in bringing high-end quality hemp to the cannabis market. Their maximum CBD products are manufactured by the application of sustainable techniques. These products also contain the hemp-derived CBD which is of the highest quality. 

Endoca claims to sell the best of anything related to cannabis globally. Endoca CBD claims the selling of its products as nature’s power, present in every drop of CBD hemp oil. Nonetheless, the company has come up with a good range of products over the last couple of years. So, read below the detailed analysis of this particular organization, whether it is ‘blowing its own trumpet’ or catering to the ‘real deal.’ The complete Endoca CBD review explains all that you need to decipher about this ‘thought-provoking’ company.


Table of Contents

➧ Endoca CBD – A quick summary

➧ Who is Endoca: Company’s inside story

➧ Endoca CBD – Company high spots

➧ Endoca CBD – Product lines

➧ Endoca CBD products – Its potential benefits

➧ Endoca CBD oil – Online purchase

➧ Pros and Cons of Endoca CBD

➧ Final Thoughts on Endoca CBD Review: Legal or Scam?

➧ Frequently Asked Questions

Endoca CBD – A quick summary

Endoca CBD is the most experienced company in the cannabinoid industry, which values the production of the high-end quality final product. This company has the strongest standings in the cannabis market with an unbelievable advantage, which makes it unique. They cater to a considerable amount of attention while making all efforts to ensure the sustainable practices of cultivation. And to load your curiosity more, dive into the world of Endoca to get the know-how on what else makes this company so different. This company’s products are not thermally processed, as it believes in offering raw CBD oils along with Endoca CBD extracts. So, the product quality, along with the final result, will stand as a great surprise for all its users.

Who is Endoca: Company’s inside story

Endoca Company strives to manufacture the purest hemp oil while ensuring easy access over organic CBD oil. Their products are cultivated devoid of any pesticides for more than ten years in a row. He started his career as a Biotechnology and Genetics student. Later the Endoca’s founder began to work in Africa for curing patients having AIDS. Mr Vincenty discovered the contribution of non-psychoactive cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system in particular, to the welfare of the human being.

Henry Vincenty’s made an extensive trip, all over the globe to discover the actualities of all organic aids, leading to the tradition of cultivating the highest-quality ‘organic hemp’. It leads to the development of a universal remedy.  Moreover, he paid adequate attention to the fact that most drugs come with side effects, often leading to the deterioration of health.

Later on, the first store was inaugurated and initiated selling the CBD online and managing it single-handedly. At the present moment, Endoca tops the list in growing the organic hemp, while assuring the high-end quality of the all end products.

Endoca CBD – Company high spots

Endoca CBD is one of the oldest cannabis companies, having definitely a couple of strengths in distinguishing it from competitors.

Prompt customer service

The company’s website and the product line is loaded with additional information on the web. It solves all queries related to CBD and its working methods, and all related answers are provided on their official website.

Believes in the organic formulation

Endoca products do not contain any chemical compounds, pesticides, or GMOs. The brand experts make extensive use of progressive techniques in manufacturing and testing the hemp-driven items. They collaborate properly with the U.S. independent laboratories and also with additional foreign neuroscientists and biochemists. It is to verify the product qualities and further improvement of the same. 

The product line is excellent

Endoca never believes in offering a huge product range, like catering to four sorts in every product category. But, their products like Endoca’s CBD extract or chewing gum, and CBD suppositories are excellent.

Certified good manufacturing practice 

The company uses only sustainable cultivation practices, and all products go under strict control, passing through all stages.

Endoca CBD – Product lines

In this company, right from Endoca CBD pills to total skincare, you will get everything made-to-measure.

  • CBD Oil drops
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Suppositories
  • CBD Skin Care
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Chewing Gum

CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops have a regular strength of 3% with 300mg CBD in each bottle. For extra strength, 15% with 1500mg of CBD per bottle is also available. Endoca gives in mild heat under filtration to form the CBD from CBDA. It later turns the liquid free from any wax. In a nutshell, this 15 % of CBD oil drops are very strong. 

CBD Capsules

The Endoca range’s CBD capsules are easy to gulp and are suitable for vegans. These products are also free of any Gluten and Kosher. Yet again, there is a choice amid 3% and 15%, concerning the CBD capsules. Both of them have 30 pills. But then the capsules with 15% cost around $180, and these are costly. Thus it is a great option to ingest the same when you are ailing from severe and ‘crippling’ pain.

CBD Suppositories

CBD Suppositories are the rarest of rare applications that can be found in the CBD industry. It is not for oral intake but is to be pushed into the rectal or vaginal area to get the results. All packs have ten suppositories containing CBD of 50mg per piece. Before using it, it is to be kept in the fridge. 

CBD Chewing Gum

CBD Chewing Gum helps you in getting the required CBD dose as it consists of unadulterated and organic components, with a wild peppermint flavour as well as aromatic mint oils. It is one of the costliest chewing gum products sold globally. The price of ten pieces come in at $15, and each chewing gum comes with a CBD of 15mg. Apart from the usefulness of CBD, this gum comes as a sugar-free one, containing xylitol. It thus helps in reducing the cavities and plaque.


Endoca CBD products – Its potential benefits

Endoca appreciates the requirement of creating oils from CBDA instead of CBD alone. CBDA is the acidic form of CBD and also the most common form of cannabinoids, and naturally occurring.

Endoca makes use of a lower temperature as compared to its other rivals in extracting the oils. This results in preserving the beneficial molecules.

The company’s CBD oils, for instance, were much more potent than anticipated, unlike other products. Endoca’s product range works quickly. It deals with anxiety and stress in an excellent manner, while caters to a soothing effect on its users. Its strength also works well in alleviating chronic pain.

Endoca CBD oil – Online purchase

The authorized Endoca website stands as the best place in purchasing its related products. 

Pros and Cons of Endoca CBD 

Pros ✔

  • They produce CBD of high potency.
  • Laboratory verified results are readily available.
  • An assortment of CBD products available from different cannabinoids.
  • It is noted as one of the top-rated brand categories. 
  • It is 100% organic hemp and has no sign of herbicides or pesticides.
  • Uses CO2 extraction devoid of no chemicals and solvents.
  • The company works toward 100% product sustainability.

Cons ✖ 

  • The product pricing is costly.
  • The shipping of products is never free.
  • Most products are not always available on their official online site.

Final Thoughts on Endoca CBD Review: Legal or Scam? 

Endoca CBD meets and exceeds all the expectations while getting all-natural and organic CBD products. There are many things about this CBD Company, which is worth admiring. Right from catering to natural products, manufacturing, and beneficial effects, every customer is satisfied. Stable rise in the CBD industry has aided the company in winning many hearts worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How prevalent is CANNABIS/ HEMP?

✍ The crop is easy-growing organically. It is done devoid of using any chemicals. It is resistant over pests and has a low risk because the plant is easy to grow.

It gives a high profit per hectare to farmers because they can profit from the seeds and the whole plant. It replaces fish oil as the plant is rich in Omega 3 while having the optimal 1:3 ratio of omega 3 to 6. There is a decent number of users who believe it can have a relaxation effect  and the plant helps in relieving various symptoms.  Thus, it is regularly used for recreational use.

Q. How to ingest CBD oil?

✍ There are many ways to ingest CBD oil. Using Endoca CBD oil depends on the chosen procedure. These are:

  • Ingesting CBD oil sublingually or under the tongue
  • Ingesting CBD via the edibles
  • Use vape to inhale CBD. 
  • Apply CBD topically over the skin 
  • Use these CBD suppositories by inserting through the vagina or anus.

Q. What is precise, Synthase?

✍ An enzyme catalyzing bond between two molecules is a Synthase.  

Q. CANNABIDIOLIC ACID (CBDA) – what is it exactly?

✍ The acidic precursor of CBD is CBDA. The freshly harvested hemp plants contain mostly CBDA and very little CBD. It is via the heating and drying method that CBDA transforms into CBD (Cannabidiol).

Q. CBD edibles – what are they?

✍ The edible products are these CBD edibles, infused with the right amount of CBD. These come in the form of CBD chewing gum.

Q. In what way does CBD work?

✍ Various scientific experiments indicate that cannabinoids work in the same manner as the endocannabinoid, which the human body already produces in people with functional physical shape. The mechanisms of the same are not clarified, as yet. Moreover, there is a shortage of any conclusive studies showing any clear ways.