Diamond CBD never believes in stopping when it comes to the diversity of products. Their website is well-known for featuring anything and everything that any CBD lover has ever heard of. Their products include types of CBD vape oils, mixtures, edibles, beverages, ointments, sprays, pills, and much more. They have successfully got all the kudos in the CBD market, with a lot many things that you perhaps have not heard of. 

The CBD movement has created its forte over the last few years, and it was not that long when anybody considered cannabis or hemp, which made them think about THC.

THC is no longer the prevalent most cannabinoid available in the market. More research work is still floating in, suggesting CBD as one of the best cannabinoids anybody can consume.

There has been a lot of proof in the virtual world, claiming that many researchers and their related studies have proven to be an actual and accepted cure against a lot of health-related issues.

There are now many CBD companies who are continually trying to churn in profit from such a widely held product. But then, have they been able to manage in controlling the quality of their CBD products? Let us take a sneak peek and review one.



✌ Diamond CBD Quick Summary

✌ Diamond CBD: who are they?

✌ Diamond CBD Highlights

✌ Diamond CBD Products

✌ Approximate Cost of Diamond CBD Products

✌ Pros and Cons of Diamond CBD

✌ Final Thoughts on Diamond CBD – Legal or Scam?

✌ Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond CBD Quick Summary

Diamond CBD makes a dive in the CBD industry with much determination, or else it can be compared to a huge wave taking the entire market under its grip! With a considerable number of products and rocking their official website, any interested customer has to find out something that suits their requirements. With the availability of many products, it honestly makes the scenario a bit irresistible and hard to resolve for the product that best suits you.

Their products never produce any sort of ‘high,’ as Diamond CBD generally believes in the presence of 0.3% of THC in any of their CBD oils. Irrespective of the heavy virtual presence of Diamond CBD in recent times, before buying, you should check them out and take a stoic decision. Be sure of whether their products lived up to the reputed hype or not, to get satisfaction.


Diamond CBD: who are they?

With the on-going nature of the CBD industry and the unclear and indefinable legislation surrounding their respective markets, it is challenging to get to decipher about who is ruling this company. Most cannabis industry brands like to stay equitably tight-lipped about where they function. It is all-inclusive from where they get their manufacturing ‘supplies,’ like for instance, the hemp raw material and also who is in charge of all these shebangs.

Diamond CBD has been working hard to come into clearness concerning itself and the consumers. While viewing them, you will find the related info concerning the whereabouts of the company and their hemp production. The company has made the entire site very simple and easy to decipher and choose your preferred product. Their section showcasing the product category is remarkably user- friendly, massively improving the customer experiences.

Diamond CBD Highlightss


✔ High-grade Hemp

For Diamond CBD products, the extraction process, and it is the supply of raw hemp, the company believes in perfect operation. They are in collaboration with the industrial hemp farms of Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia. Each harvest batches are quality approved concerning the standards. It lacks any kind of GMO’s, pesticides, fertilizers, as well as heavy metallic extracts.

✔ Inordinate Extraction Procedure along with Laboratory verification

The organic and natural CBD is extracted with supercritical CO2 equipment, taking in loop the benefits of raw hemp. It is known to be the most improvised way of CBD extraction. Later, the entire gamut is again verified in  the third-party laboratory for further results relating to the content’s pureness. 

✔ Huge Merchandise Range

The company at present has 607 variations of CBD-based products and all for sale. It is also worth noticing that they believe in selling an entire range of their brands on their website. 

Diamond CBD Products

Read over some of the company’s most widely-held range of products, including CBD gummies, oils, topical, and vape.

✔ Diamond CBD Edibles

On the Diamond CBD official website, there are over five pages of edible products from where you can lay your hands!  These have many brands, all-inclusive Chill Plus, Diamond CBD, Yum Yum, besides Chong’s Choice. This brand has an assortment of many edibles, similar to Gummy Bears, Watermelon Slices, Rainbow Bites, Cake Pops, and so much more.

The all gummy products are well-packed in a pouch-bag and have 75mg of CBD. And each  gummy piece consists of 5.5mg CBD. At a valuation of $6.49, these are the most reasonably priced gummies you will get in the market.

✔ Diamond CBD Oils

Diamond CBD Oils have an extensive range of assorted flavors and related potencies available to all esteemed customers. They have all these assorted varieties concerning their classic oil mixtures, Olive Oil and Honey. Both of these flavors have a variation in different strengths. They cater to a range of terpene oils, and it is a very extensive one. Several of their flavors come in the name of Sour Kush, Agent Orange, Skywalker, and much more. These all are readily available in variable strengths, and thus you have all the reasons to find the right flavor and potency combination.

Diamond CBD oil caters to a vast range of oils, and you have even more in a platter after you visit their official website. Moreover, you will have a notion of their cost list. Read further down to get the know-how on the same. 


✔ Diamond CBD Vape

The company does not sell any vape pens but does sell a pre-filled Vape Tank. It is what they prefer calling the same. This product attaches to a pre-existent battery pack. And you might require purchasing a vape battery or have one. It has pre-filled oil in it. So you do not have to think much about filling oil in it. It is a fantastic thing that the company sells a wide variety of flavors, but hardly have they mentioned about the same!

The company is a vendor of a huge range of Diamond CBD vape additive oils. These oils come ready in many flavors and sizes. It ranges from 1ml, 5ml, 12ml, and 16ml. Thus you can have an original variety to cherry-pick your preference. Their ‘new and improved’ formula is fascinating as the brand keeps improving their product quality every time. All the CBD oils are organic and natural, being solvent-free. That is precisely what customers expect from this type of company.

✔ Diamond CBD Creams

Many CBD topicals for sale on their official site of a different variety. From this Diamond CBD brand, you will come over six cream types. This consist of:

➾ Under-Eye Cream

➾ Pain Relief Cream

➾ Antioxidant Cream

➾ Nourishing Lip and Eye Cream

➾ Vitamin C Cream

➾ Green Tea ButterCream

➾ Herbal Aloe & Shea Cream

Their official website gives assurance over the hemp that is used and is entirely pesticides and herbicides-free. These are also checked in their third party laboratory testing. All products are available in both 500mg and 1000mg, which provides a variety for all consumers. Most cream types come packed in a round container and are applied with fingers onto the affected skin. The Vitamin C tub has a pump, and you can use it directly onto the affected area of the skin.

Approximate Cost of Diamond CBD Products


If you are keen on upgrading your know-hows on most of the company’s products, their official website is the best place to visit for the same. Apart from the entire range of personal products, you can come across the whole variety of other brands also.

Take a quick look at the break-ups of their products’ approximate costs:

✔ Diamond CBD Edibles

  • Gummy Bears Diamond CBD Infused (75mg) – $6.49
  • Gummy Worms Diamond CBD Infused (75mg) – $6.49
  • Watermelon Slices Diamond CBD Infused (75mg) – $6.49

✔ Diamond CBD Oils

  • Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil 550mg – $58.49
  • Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil 1000mg – $110.49
  • Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil 1500mg – $142.99

✔ Diamond CBD Vape

  • Diamond CBD Vape Additive (1ml) – $3.00
  • Diamond CBD Vape Additive (12ml) – $18.00
  • Diamond CBD Vape Additive (16ml) – $24.00

✔ Diamond CBD Creams

  • Vitamin C Cream Diamond CBD (1000mg) – $97.49
  • Antioxidant Cream Diamond CBD (500mg) – $51.99
  • Pain Relief Cream Diamond CBD (500mg) – $51.99

Pros and Cons of Diamond CBD 

Pros ✔

➧ All products come in less than 0.3% THC 

➧ CO2 extraction used in a supercritical manner

➧ Laboratory verified CBD products.

➧ Non-GMO hemp used

➧ Products have a massive variety 

➧ Returns are free of cost

➧ A discount of 50% on  all products

Cons ✖ 

➧ Hard in differentiating between the capsules 

➧ No info concerning the add-on collaborated brands 

➧ Lab-test reports are not too specific

➧ Delivers only in the U.S 

Final Thoughts on Diamond CBD – Legal or Scam?

Diamond CBD has created ripples with its excellent products in the CBD market. With vast range along with their user-friendly official website, it makes choosing and purchasing all the easier. You might want to have to search their entire range of products, brands, or costs, and you are free to make good use of the sidebar for customizing your shopping know-how while filtering over dozens of CBD products. The lab report for all their products is readily available, along with their product descriptions. You are free to scroll over the appendix-style system also. But then, the specifications related to the products could have been a bit better. All their esteemed consumers show interest over the ingredients that are used and the reason behind the same. It is to verify their originality and benefits as they consume them on a daily basis.

For all oil flavors, Diamond CBD rejoices in its resourceful attitude. It is excellent when it showcases there is an enthusiastic attribute towards creating profiles for new tastes concerning their CBD oils. Taking everything under consideration, the DiamondCBD Company stands worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the CBD Capsules have oil inside?

✍ The CBD capsules are a great way of taking the pharmacist-formulated CBD if you are busy with a hectic schedule. These capsules come with or without any bit of turmeric or additional organic constituents. It gives the option of extra-added energy.

Q. How many varieties of CBD products do they cater for?

✍ Diamond CBD comes with hundreds of products. These include their famous gummies, chewies, capsules, creams, and many more. all products  provide endless provision for you to cherry-pick from.

Q. CBD Vape oil and its different usage.

✍ The novices who vape, initiate their journey with Diamond CBD’s CBD vaping pens. These can be disposed of after a couple of uses.  And they have a huge range to choose from. CBD vape juice cartridges are for those who like to try their hands on easy ones. Lastly, the experienced users of CBD, invests in a reusable vaping pen. it has both permanent effects, that means the effect is for long, and can be used for many times. 

Q. What is CBD vape additive?

✍ CBD vape additive is a mixture of other e-liquids in heavy concentration.  Some of them have nicotine in them, while others are mild ones.