Delta Botanicals CBD Review

CBD oil stands to be a ground-breaking and well-acclaimed product amongst all CBD admirers. It acts as an alternate and natural remedy, with an outstanding option of using the same to improve various health-related issues, like tenderness and discomfort to nervousness, sleeplessness, and even misery!

Every day, with new studies, it verifies all these facts. It has successfully proven that CBD oil caters as a favorable substitute to severer, more conservative medicines like the pain relievers. Many companies pop up continually with the idea of cashing in on this profitable CBD manufacturing business. But, not all you can trust, selling pure and cost-effective CBD products.

Read the detailed review below to get an idea on one of the CBD companies, namely Delta Botanicals CBD company, to make a stoic decision on whether they are worth purchasing from or not.



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Final Thoughts on Delta Botanicals – Legal or scam?

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Delta Botanicals quick summary

‘Delta’ in Greek represents a ‘triangle.’ It is one of nature’s most straightforward as well as sturdy edifices. The motive behind this CBD oil company is sharing its name with the noble quality of the shape. The company is located in Maryland and offers an entire lot of CBD oil mixtures, e-liquids/vape, and CBD gummies. Their products never believe in all the frills and frolics but on safety and high-quality products on cannabidiol.


The Delta Botanicals produces several good-quality CBD dominated products for the past many years. They offer many CBD-related product types. While CBD E-Liquid stands as their most popular product, it is a Vaping juice, found having many flavors, satisfying even the fussiest of clients. 

The company believes in a modernized production facility, offering excellently manufactured CBD Vaping juice, believing in high-quality and safety. They perform regular lab-testing and have all the lab-test related results and info year-wise. Unfortunately, the same is not still available on their official website, but the customer can get hold of the same by sending a request letter via email.

Delta Botanicals devotes over the production of CBD Vaping products, while they have a couple of additional CBD oriented items in their kitty. All their CBD products have a reasonable price tag while they are readily available in the 50 states of the US and several EU countries, where the concept of consuming CBD oil is lawful.

Company Highlights and Facts

Delta Botanicals comes with several points related to its ‘pros,’ similar to various tastes of e-liquids used for vape purposes. But then specific ‘cons’ like lacking the laboratory verification reports or revelation of the actual hemp source, are a barrier to the company’s reputation.

Product types

CBD Gummies

CBD Samples

CBD Oral Tinctures

CBD E-Liquid (Vape Oil)

CBD Topical (Relief Serum)

CBD Cooking and Baking Oil

CBD For Pets


Company facts in short 

The company was time-honored in 2014

Company’s name: Delta Botanicals

The entire Hemp origin remains Unidentified

The price range for each product ranges between $20-$180 ($-$$)

Availability of the products are in and around US states and some EU countries

Offers over purchase are on Standard purchase, Bulk, Wholesale, Drop purchase

Laboratory Test Reports are not readily available. The consumer needs to request via email.

Consumer Service/Support contact number: (410)-356-4623; email –

The company’s shipping policy is without any extra shipping charge and via USPS.

The product return policy is only on unopened orders and can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

To Order, you have to sign in at their official Delta Botanicals online shop, any related store locator on the website. 

Most Popular Delta CBD Products

The Delta Botanicals CBD products have a vast product range used for Vaping, as well as the well-known CBD cooking or baking oil and the CBD gummies. Read below their mentioned along with a handful of primary information on the same.

✅ CBD Baking and CookingOil

Delta Botanicals’ Baking and Cooking Oil are the most well-acclaimed and popular CBD products. It popularises in a bottle of 200 ml quantity and is a right and mild mix of coconut oil with the richness of hemp oil. Thus it comes in high-end CBD content. Each CBD cooking and baking oil tablespoon comprises a pure CBD of 15mg quantity that add-on to its appeal for everyday use.

✅ CBD Gummies 

It is a comparatively new product for the Delta Botanical CBD Company. These CBD Gummies have assorted flavor and bottled in a mixed bag of fifteen gummies of five various tastes. Strawberry, pineapple, apple, orange, and lemon make the CBD gummies bag. These gummies are a suitable model for getting an everyday CBD dose, containing the purest form of CBD gummy of 10 mg quantity. Their additional components happen to be organic cane sugar, gelatin, citric acid, coconut oil, and hemp oil, and natural flavor and artificial color.

✅ Blue Label CBD E-Liquid

Blue Label CBD E-Liquid comes with the mildest CBD concentration, used in E-liquid for vaping. It is sold by the Delta Botanicals Company and aims for the CBD novices and consumers preferring to ingest small CBD doses each day. It comes in a beautiful, good-looking, pocket-friendly 30 ml size bottle with 150mg of pure CBD inside. The entire container is very well-priced of various tastes, namely Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, and Pineapple, along with Vanilla Cream. It is consumed as an E-liquid for vaping purposes or can be positioned under the tongue and absorbed after thirty seconds.

✅ Green Label CBD E-Liquid  

The Green Label CBD E-liquid comes in a more concentrated form than the Blue one. It contains a pure CBD of 300mg in each bottle of 30 ml size. The entire e-liquid is mixed with a vegetable glycerine base. E-liquid as the whole is a high CBD product and a very reasonable preference for those who prefer the high CBD dose. They can keep on enjoying this particular Vaping liquid during the day. Various flavors, like Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple, and Vanilla Cream, used for Vaping or the same, are put under the tongue taken inside after thirty seconds.

✅ Gold Label CBD E-Liquid 

Gold Label CBD E-liquid has double CBD concentrate as compared to the Green Label. It thus makes it a more concentrated and robust e-liquid for Vaping. The entire gamut aimed for those who crave for the ‘sudden hit’ with the aid of a high CBD dose. The product is moderately priced while coming in many flavors, like Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple, and Vanilla Cream. It is consumed either as an e-liquid for vape purposes or placed under the tongue. The entire liquid is then swallowed after thirty seconds.

✅ Purple Label CBD E-Liquid 

Purple Label CBD E-liquid  is a highly concentrated blend of 1000mg of pure CBD, mixed in vegetable glycerine. It comes packed in an easy-to-handle bottle of 30 ml. This product caters to instant results to all CBD lovers, from its intake, and is never used for Vaping. It has a variation in flavors, like Neutral, Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, and Pineapple, besides Vanilla Cream. It is consumed as a liquid for Vaping and also placed under the tongue. After thirty seconds, it is swallowed. 

✅ CBD Vape Concentrate

CBD Vape Concentrate by the Delta Botanicals comes in a hefty blend, consisting of 1250mg of pure CBD, added in vegetable glycerine. The same is bottled in a 30 ml container. It is a fantastic 42mg vape liquid, used as a single shot. The premium product of CBD Vape Concentrate stands very costly and is tried by those by individuals who need a ‘good kick’ of the CBD oils! The reason behind this is that the same is used primarily as a preservative with other vape concentrates. It is generally consumed orally by placing it under the tongue and swallowing after 30 seconds. 


Pros and cons of Delta Botanicals 


✔  Budget-friendly product cost

✔  Diverse smacks/flavors of e-liquids for Vaping obtainable

✔  Outstanding client support

✔  Good reward-points package

✔  Free-shipping using USPS only


✔  Laboratory verification results never revealed

✔  Original hemp source is never revealed

✔  Most of the e-liquids are strong

✔  Selective e-liquids are not so cheap.

Final Thoughts on Delta Botanicals – Legal or scam?

Delta Botanicals is a right and practical choice for those CBD lovers who prefer the options on Vaping juice, edible CBD gummies, and other supplements. The ratings related to their products generally range in the average category or above ordinary, while the products are all readily available on their official website and additional sites. Delta Botanicals CBD is best known for the type of vape juices. And these are used to produce the CBD mixture. Their total stand-out of any CBD oil product is none but their cooking or baking oil. Not too many CBD companies manufacture this type of product, which makes them stand unique and exciting. The cooking or baking oil comes as a nutrient-rich mix and is used in cooking light items like eggs for breakfast or even just doing some veggies sauté.  

Though, in most cases, it is best to just rely upon Vaping them and not ingesting with the aid of a mixture. But that is not the same for all CBD lovers. Delta Botanicals CBD claims certain unusual privileges on their official website, without much verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much amount of CBD does Della Botanicals CBD have in their products?

✍ Their products range between CBD of 300mg to CBD of 3000mg. Delta Botanicals CBD continually is on the development of new and fresh products with useful potencies. Each product clearly states the total CBD amount, along with the CBD used per dose.

Q. How are the products of Delta Botanicals CBD made?

✍ Delta Botanicals’ product range initiates with legalized American industrial hemp oil. The raw hemp goes under the CO2 extraction supercritical process in achieving high CBD concentrates. No solvents or too harsh heating process is used in the hemp processing, thus guarantees high pureness, clarity, and usefulness. 

Q. Are Delta Botanicals CBD products safe for use?

✍ Yes! Delta Botanicals CBD performs the third party lab-testing on all finished products for ensuring the strength, safety, and purity of their finished products. 

Q. How are the products of Delta Botanicals verified and tested?

✍ The company’s laboratory audits its products regularly and also has a third party lab-test facility, ensuring security, strength, and cleanliness. 

Q. From where is the Hemp for CBD production procured?

✍ The company’s hemp is farmed sustainably to reach out to the organic standards in the United States. They have their farming processes in three various states. The CO2 extraction process is super-critically done and is immediately done right after harvest of the hemp. It ensures the newest CBD oil. The raw CBD oil is blended into the finished cannabis products at their warehouse.