Cloud 9 Hemp produces its successful range of CBD oil product lines, having a vast array of choices. And these choices come in eight various categories. However, they are experts in vaping and its associated products. The vape mixes craftily by making use of the scientific process. Cloud 9 Hemp happens to be a time-honoured CBD producer and the most respected one in the cannabis market. 


Table of Contents

✦ Cloud 9 Hemp: Quick Summary

✦ Cloud 9 Hemp Review – their uniqueness

✦ Cloud 9 Hemp – Product line

✦ Pros and Cons on Cloud 9 Hemp

✦ Final Thoughts on Cloud 9 Hemp – legal or scam?

✦ Frequently Asked Question

Cloud 9 Hemp: Quick Summary

Many companies are offering CBD products, and Cloud 9 Hemp is one of them. What makes Cloud 9 Hemp a company and their products worthy of trying out? Read the glowing review about Cloud 9 Hemp to get the know-how based on the product description, the ways of purchasing from their official website, the products’ high-end quality, and much more. 


Cloud 9 Hemp Review – their uniqueness

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Company creates many products which are different as per the amount of CBD is concerned. Apart from CBD Oils, i.e., their hemp CBD oil, they cater to vape e-liquids, edibles, dabs, topical creams, and pet products. Take a look at all of their products and related discussion, which will help you to take a stoic decision. 

Cloud 9 Hemp – Product line

❯ Vape Liquids

Cloud 9 CBD is best known for its CBD oil used to vape. It is an E-liquid or e-juice containing pure and high-end CBD e-liquids and is made with their patented method. They use the techniques with ultrasonic-like mixing, along with emulsification, besides, thorough steeping. Their CBD oil e-liquids are effective ones, having straight cartomizers and current vape pen tanks. Cloud 9 Hemp always trusts on the locally grown components to produce their e-liquids. Cloud 9 Hemp caters to some of their flavours. Read to get the know-how on the same. 

Dark Side of the Moon – This tastes like a sugar-coated dessert, with a fudge brownie flavour. It has a new taste of cream, pralines, Kahlua, besides salted caramel.

Easy Rider This is an amalgamation of Kentucky bourbon, vanilla, coconut, along with a tinge of Madagascar brown sugar. Once ingested, you will surely enjoy the same. 

Equilibrium – is the perfect mix of flavors, like mint koolada, lemon, raspberry, and menthol. 

Happy Daze – This comes in a combination of pomegranate as well as blueberry, along with certain velvety undertones. It is equivalent to the taste of vanilla and a handful of other enticing fruits.

Lizard King –This comes packed with the flavors of marshmallow, sweet cream, caramel, bavarian cream, and slight vanilla custard. The entire taste is sugary sweet and mild, to ensure full-on enjoyment. 

Mad Hatter – This happens to be an annoying flavor, all courtesy, the taste of sweet vanilla custard, brown sugar, sugar cookies, as well as honey. 

Midnight Express –This E-liquid consist of tobacco with premium flavor. You will enjoy this liquid’s sweetness and taste.

Morning Glory –Morning Glory comes with ripe and fresh flavors of raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, as well as mango. 

Nice Dreams  This is a fruity-flavored  CBD e-liquid having hints of strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, as well as coconut strips. Each puff of this particular e-liquid will force you to try out different flavors, and enjoy Cloud 9 Hemp.

Panama Red  This CBD E-liquid has a fruity, sugar-coated, and enjoyable flavor. 

Purple Rain – This whole CBD E-liquid matches the flavor of freshly baked cookies or sugar-smeared cookies. In recent times, Cloud 9 Hemp has come up with a fresh taste of roasted graham crackers, with slight portions of butterscotch ice-cream.

Ridgemont High –Enjoy this mixture of Bavarian cream, ripe strawberries, sweet cream, loaded with cheesecake, in the form of flavored CBD e-liquid.

Stoned Age – This CBD E-Liquid sweet and salt to taste, loaded with flavours of caramel, banana, French vanilla, butter pecan, hazelnut, as well as roasted almond. 

Sweet Nothings – This is a flavorful combination of bubble gum, strawberry, as well as fruity punch.

Yellow Brick Road – Lastly, they have Yellow Brick Road with the flavor of sweet cream, pomegranate, as well as nectarine.

❯ High Octane Hemp Cloud 9 CBD Oil

This product is an amalgamation of CBD, full-spectrum cannabinoids and raw hemp oil. All these components cater for optimal benefits to all CBD users. The entire product is Non-GMO, entirely gluten-free, and suitable for vegans, without any artificial flavours. So you will get to taste its natural flavour.

CBD Edibles

These edibles stand as a high mode of the daily intake of CBD. Cloud 9 Hemp produces a handful of products that are worth a try. The same is the case with these CBD Edibles and its types. 

CBD Honey Sticks – these are sweet treats that make it easier for you to consume your daily CBD dose. You can ingest them in the form of candy or add a small number of them in hot tea. Dissolve thoroughly, and enjoy every sip!

✔ CBD Tropical Gummies – these come in various tastes and are packed with all the significant health benefits.

Oral Spray it is known for its exact benefits under the Hemp Health Holistic. This spray is jam-packed with the right amount of high-quality cannabinoids, having two individual flavours of plain and peppermint. You can order the same on their official website. 

❯ CBD Additives

Cloud 9 Hemp’s cater to the CBD Concentrate and can be ingested orally or can be added to just about any eatable. These CBD drops come in the purest form of tincture and is readily available in five assorted flavours.

❯ CBD Dabs

CBD Dabs can change your intake of cannabis in an altogether different manner, owing to various options. Right from Pure Isolate CBD, to CBD Crumble and CBD Shatter, along with CBD Wax Dabs – all you can order via their official website.

❯ CBD Topicals

Cloud 9 Hemp’s CBD Topicals are effective body lotions, available in an assortment of Hempnotize Canna-Mask, hand cream, and Da Balm.

❯ CBD for Pets

To end with, Cloud 9 Hemp Company caters to pet products that are healthy bites and useful for all pets.


Pros and Cons on Cloud9 Hemp

Pros ✔

  • They cater to unique flavours coming under any range of juice.
  • Apart from just CBD, all their products are exceptional and useful.
  • All products consist of high-end quality CBD juice.
  • None of the products leaves an unpleasant taste.
  • Consist of a healthy range of product potency.
  • Rightly suitable for all requirements.

Cons ✖ 

  • The products are very costly.
  • All products come in ‘dropper-style system’ instead of ‘easier-to-use needle-nose tips’
  • No lab-test available

Final Thoughts on Cloud 9 Hemp – legal or scam? 

Cloud 9 Hemp’s consist of all legalized products, having the rights reserved for each product. It is an excellent mode of entering into the world of Cannabis and CBD. Cloud9 Hemp takes CBD vaping to another level, as these stands superior to other ranges of rival companies. The taste is the best with assorted flavours. The quality of CBD stands excellent, giving a clean and satisfying hit, without any nasty feeling. The price is quite high, but nothing as compared to the CBD quality. Many CBD users have been benefited majorly by the usage of the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should CBD oil be purchased from CLOUD 9 HEMP?

✍ Since Marijuana (in the medical form) is not legalized in Tennessee, and adjoining states, the Cloud 9 Hemp founders provided with the legal substitute that is CBD oil. Or Cannabidiol.  Their entire Hemp CBD oil products are manufactured in the USA only. The CBD of premium gold label quality is extracted from a particular hemp strain that is acclaimed for its substantial potency on cannabidiol. After that, with the aid of laboratory verification, it ensures the purity and transparency of CBD, available in the cannabis market.

Q. Differentiate between CBD vape juice and THC vape juice?

✍ CBD comes from the cannabis plant and is legalized in consuming the same. It has potential useful effects rather than THC’s psychoactive effects (or Marijuana). CBD vape juice affects many parts of the brain while catering to a calming effect. It is noted as totally secured and natural. CBD vape juice stands best as compared to the cannabis plant’s vitamin. So, it is not possible to get ‘high’ or any ‘daze’ from. But then, the THC vape juice just makes an individual get a ‘dazed’ feeling. 

Q. Is CBD e-liquid legal?

✍ The CBD hemp e-liquid and all associated CBD products are legalized in all 50 states in the USA. 

Q. How is CBD produced?

✍ CBD is produced from the industrial Hemp. Cloud 9 Hemp makes use of the cannabis plant of the North American and European sector to grow the total quantity of Hemp. After the CO2 extraction, the third-party analyzes the final product. The entire process is ensured to receive high-end quality CBD.

Q. What are the real benefits of CBD vape juice?

✍ Vaping is the most common method of intake of CBD into the body system. You can easily adjust the dosage and its strength, following your taste and requirement. With the aid of many good vape pens and other vaping devices, it has tuned with CBD e-liquids, very well.