A substance contained in cannabis or marijuana is best known as Cannabidiol or else CBD. Its virtues are exploited in various ways nowadays, to the point that even professional athletes are allowed to use it, owing to it being legal in most jurisdictions.

CBD has effective remedial measures for pain and anxiety attacks. But do the top-level athletes hold the rights to consume the same without penalties? Can CBD be considered doping, with all possibilities?

The use of CBD is growing in the United States. Many forward-looking companies have even started infusing food and beverages with the substance. These companies have thus gained accolades for the related activity. These companies genuinely capitalize on the CBD substance, which has gone in the United States typically.

Table of Contents

  • Significance of Cannabidiol in sports
  • Cannabidiol on the market – different variations
  • CBD and Sports: 7 advantages
  • Athletes Catching on with CBD
  • CBD in games – the bottom line
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Significance of Cannabidiol in sports

Top athletes always attest to the benefits of using CBD in sports without any hesitation. According to them, before and after very intense physical exercise, this substance provides invaluable benefits. CBD improves concentration and focuses when consumed before sporting activity. Indeed, you have to dare to move forward whatever the circumstances arise, as competitive sports are risky. The anxiety felt before CBD reduces those competitions. Stress can harm an athlete’s performance. The substance appears to provide extra energy, among other things.

CBD provides further benefits when used after a significant sports session. It considerably reduces pains, cramps, and muscle aches with its anti-inflammatory power. Its analgesic role is the most important among its effects, which allows the athletes to withstand all types of high-intensity training. Additionally, it also caters to good quality and adequate sleep.


Cannabidiol on the market – different variations

Several cannabidiol options are available, as the most popular format is CBD oil. It is applied to the areas to be treated directly and takes around 20 to 30 minutes to work concerning this topical application. Swallowing it as a food supplement is the other way of using it. High effectiveness during competitions can be attained with the aid of a few drops under the tongue. You can try Cannabidiol as an infusion and chocolate or pasta with CBD if you are not a fan of food supplements. The action time is approximately 2 hours for the latter. For topical applications, CBD is also available in the form of a cream or lotion.

In recent times, many people have been using CBD patches to get results for four to six hours after application. The most exciting application has an immediate effect and seems to be inhalable CBD sold in spray mode. However, the inhaled particles dissipate at high speed, making this mode of use require a high dose of CBD. Following the same, finally comes the cannabidiol capsules that are active after ingestion for two hours. Because of the presence of animal material in the gelatin, it should be noted that vegans cannot use the latter.  The CBD format according to the time frame of the particle activation they wish to obtain and the importance of the exercises they can perform after intake of the same.


CBD and Sports: 7 advantages

The health-boosting qualities of CBD make it the perfect choice for all athletes. The seven advantages below will give you an overview of the reasons behind the same.

CBD’s therapeutic value is well-established, as its compound stands to be a proven and an active pain reliever, assisting in sleep, and over-all anti-inflammatory measures.

But then the benefits of CBD transcends specific usages related to various diseases. CBD acts as an excellent choice for all athletes owing to the similar qualities leading to renewed health too.

CBD’s ability to reduce stress prevents body burnout from the athletes. And it serves well for catering to a peaceful sleep while releasing anxiety of the athletes.


There are some practical ways of activating the benefits of CBD –

  • Eases stress
  • Acts as an Adaptogen
  • Shields the centralized nervous system
  • Mends sleep quality
  • Upholds muscle relaxation
  • Moderates anxiety
  • Cuts oxidation and Inflammation


  • Advantage # 1: Eases stress

Eases of stress is the most significant benefit that CBD provides to all athletes.

Stress is a mental state or strain over emotions or tensions which results from the adverse or over-demanding situations. So, what exactly are the after-effects of pressure with the athletes? A lot. The reason behind this is that athletic activities result in a lot of stress formation. And, one has to overcome the same while adapting to the present scenario. Getting hold of that ‘sweet spot’ isn’t easy, but CBD makes it much more comfortable. The constant 10-20 milligrams of the compound’s daily supplementation allows the athletes to break over the prior limitations induced owing to stress.

  • Advantage # 2: Equivalent to Adaptogen

It is due to the fitting in the perfect square! What are adaptogens exactly? Adaptogens generally are stimulatory and never cause any side-effects. So, isn’t it familiar to what CBD does? That’s right. CBD activates our endocannabinoid system (ECS) by motioning the internal cannabis-like substances’ network. With the help of ECS activation comes along health and vitality types, which maintains the homeostasis. The CBD, along with the hemp’s most active ingredients, helps them adapt better for their training. For instance, CBD stabilizes the metabolic state following a tough workout, high body temperature, and the ‘more than usual’ cortisol levels.

When the body senses any stress levels, it starts producing the right amount of endocannabinoid like the anandamide. It deals with the process of recovery. Along with the plant cannabinoids similar to CBD, these imbalances get quickly rectified. Thus, taking CBD along with additional adaptogens caters to synergistic effects! In a simplified way, these two substances help each other to work better.

  • Advantage # 3: Central Nervous System is shielded

It does work by transmitting signals inside its nerves and neurons. Sports involving movements against resistance like weight training are taxing to the CNS. With the continued ignorance over the recovery process, these muscles of these athletes become unresponsive towards regular neuronal firing. And, that is not commendable.

And, many strength and power athletes have given credit to CBD, assisting them in avoiding the ‘wobbliness’ that comes with max-effort lifts. CBD aids in the recovery process of the tired, nervous system is making it more flexible.

  • Advantage # 4: Caters to good sleep

In consideration of the intense athletic routines, this particular benefit holds tremendous promise for all athletes. Many athletes experiencing sleep disturbances feel lethargic and turn to the intake of coffee or other stimulants. Dependence on such substances leads to adrenal stress breakdown of the nervous system. Athletes have to intake an add-on of 10-20 milligrams of CBD a couple of hours before bed to get quality sleep.

  • Advantage # 5: Upholds muscle relaxation 

After a grueling session, the athletes are aware of the post-workout feeling. Even regular activities like walking down the stairs become difficult along with teeming of muscles along with succumbing of lactate to cramps and soreness is also evident. Recovery comes as the tough part of these moments.

Thankfully, CBD, a potent muscle relaxant, is available, owing to the compound helping GABA. It is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter of the nervous system that works better by inducing GABA-A receptors. Or it can be stated that CBD promotes muscle relaxation by inducing a system stilling, calming, and quieting the entire body.

On the other hand, the low GABA levels are linked to substance use disorders, muscle spasms, or even cramps. Thus, all these things a hard working athlete should be avoiding!

Moreover, CBD helps the active users in avoiding problems related to their joint and muscle health. As reports claim, CBD, when coupled with foam rolling, icing, or else stretching, stands as an initial treatment plan for tendonitis injuries concerning the knees. In medical terms, it is well-known as ‘iliotibial band syndrome.’ To cure the same supplementation in small amounts, around CBD of 10-20mg should be ingested daily. The CBD-infused topical, which is directly applied to the problematic areas, should also help reduce the Inflammation of the localized portions.

Point to be noted that the CBD topicals’ strength differs madly. It is better to stick to something containing 100 mg of per ounce CBD or even more.

  • Advantage # 6: Moderates Anxiety

CBD over anxiety acts positively over chronic and acute stress. It is for those who require releasing themselves from fear of public speaking. Athletes are the most who benefit. Anxiety presents a considerable challenge to competitive athletes from the pressure of performing training and competition can. CBD decreases anxiety and fear of memories’ extinction while enhancing sports performance devoid of any mental snags.

The CBD product comes in full-spectrum variety, more effective as compared to CBD isolate for anxiety. It is enough dosage between 3-10 milligram range for instilling a sense of calm and peace.

  • Advantage # 7: Cuts down on Inflammation and oxidation

Chronic Inflammation leads to pain, weight gain, and sickness, while a little bit of Inflammation is a good thing. But then for athletes, none of those things are good. And Inflammation, for them, is one of the most significant barriers to fast recovery, also. Something like CBD stands more holistic for them. According to a 2010 research, cannabinoids exert their effects with apoptosis induction, cell growth inhibition, suppressing the production of cytokine, and T-regulatory cell induction. Also, they are potent agents of anti-inflammation.

It can be stated that one experiencing only the small, adaptogenic amount of Inflammation gets cured by CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. It makes a considerable difference owing to the consistent usage of small amounts of the compound too.

Athletes should avoid oxidative stress. But then, are you aware of any better route of preventing the oxidative build-up initially? Though everyone believes in just the opposite!

Glutathione is required for the same, which acts as an internal antioxidant. Studies indicate that CBD reduces oxidative stress even more effectively than vitamin C or E and might also boost this foreign substance.  Milk thistle and ashwagandha are additional adaptogens excitingly promoting glutathione production.

Glutathione efficiently utilizes carbs and, in turn, could allow athletes to improve their body composition while promoting sensitivity in insulin.  Thus, for sports enthusiasts, all positive and productive things are readily available!

The more Inflammation you may have along with more CBD requirements owes to your challenging workout routine. Generally, an ideal dose is 10-20 mg of the compound. But then to help get you through your most intense training more might be required.

Avoid making any drastic changes and slowly increase your CBD dose. As CBD’s pharmacological effect turns biphasic, the effect diminishes after a certain dosage point is reached. An increase in your dosage amount and frequency helps ensure that you do not overshoot the exact dosing range optimal for you. Diversifying your CBD intake can also be taken into consideration. Also, try adding a CBD topical, CBD vape pen, and night-time pain patch to reduce Inflammation.


Athletes Catching on with CBD

An ever-growing athlete has already caught on to the CBD benefits. Right from famous pro cyclists to golfers and record-breaking strongmen are praises of CBD for their recovery. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are not only vital for athletes but useful too. The role of CBD in sports medicine is to manage Inflammation, mental stress, and chronic pain.

Major professional sponsorships by large CBD companies worldwide, and you can also find plenty of UFC fighters starting to use CBD during their recovery. If seen, nearly as diverse as the benefits of the CBD compound itself, the types of athletes’ benefits from CBD.


CBD in sports – the bottom line

French regulations are currently being revised regarding the use of Cannabidiol in everyday life or sports. When France faced Uruguay, CBD was already authorized in 2018, during the World Cup in Russia. Cannabidiol, in the meantime, is considered to be very useful for athletes. But then it should not minimize the potential side effects. Firstly, without medical advice in individuals with neurological problems, the usage of CBD is strictly prohibited. All substances that pass into the bloodstream should be taken into consideration. Thus, for patients with impaired liver function, CBD is never administered. For people with severe cardiovascular disease, it is not suitable also.

For CBD, the list of contraindications is long. Especially for those sportspeople who should stay healthy for competing during and after Cannabidiol’s use. Thus, it is advisable to be accompanied by a qualified doctor always.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does any famous athlete use CBD oil?

Of course, numerous athletes use CBD, and they are very much open to it.

  • What is the reason behind athletes using CBD oil? 

CBD oil helps many athletes claim getting help by using CBD:

  • Managing pain
  • Easing anxiety
  • Gaining quality sleep


  • Which all CBD products are common amongst athletes? 

A vast range of CBD products are common amongst athletes, like:

  • Ingestible
  • Sports drinks
  • Balms and oils