If your four-legged friend has been suffering from illness or disease for months or years, he is likely to be willing to try anything to help your dog improve. A new therapeutic approach that you may have heard of is medical marijuana.
Of course, if you’ve heard of people giving cannabis to your pets, you may be wondering if cannabis is a safe option for your pet.

Smoking Weed will help my Dog too?

When people think of medicinal cannabis for pets, they can have the comic image of giving a dog or cat a “barrel” for smoking. Likewise, some of you may know someone who threw a cloud of marijuana smoke on their dog’s face and laughed that the dog was “stoned” (or you feel guilty yourself). This behavior is not only immature, marijuana is toxic to dogs and other animals.
This is because recreational cannabis contains THC, the compound responsible for the “high” and mind-altering effects that users experience when smoking marijuana. CBD is unable to give your pet a “high”.

CBD for pets usually comes in the form of delicious edible treats in flavors that appeal to animals (but they can also simply be in the form of a tincture). Treatibles is one of the most popular supplier of CBD products formulated for pets, but today there are several suppliers offering high-quality CBD for pets.

CBD Benefits for Pets

In writing these lines, the American Association for Veterinary Medicine has not adopted an official position on medical marijuana for pets. However, there have been many successful cases in the use of therapeutic cannabis to help pets with disease or illness.
An interesting study demonstrates the importance of cannabinoids in animals, showing that European male starlings with higher CB1 receptor expressions sang more to females and showed greater predominance at nesting sites.
Considering the similarity of endocannabinoid receptors in humans and animals, it makes sense that CBD can treat these conditions so effectively in dogs, cats, and other furry or feathered friends.

How Much Quantity of CBD I can Give to a Dog?

When it comes to measuring CBD in humans, the situation is complicated for a variety of reasons. Mainly, CBD is what is known as a biphasic compound, which means it has drastically different effects in low doses compared to high doses.