CannazALL Review

CannazAll manufactures a vast CBD product range, all-inclusive, a handful of specially crafted CBD items for adorable pets. CannazALL is manufactured by HempLife Today Company that is a line of CBD products making the most of the hemp extracts and including various products of assorted ailments. Read the detailed review to get the know-how of all the CannazALL CBD product ranges. It will help you consider if all the outcomes of the Company are worth your every penny or not.


Table of Content

  • CannazAll: Quick summary
  • CannazAll – the inside story
  • CannazAll – product line
  • CBD – the related benefits
  • Pros and Cons of CannazAll
  • Final Verdict on CannazAll – legal or scam?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

CannazAll: Quick summary

All the CBD products of CannazAll products are grown locally as American hemp. So, none of the hemps is imported for the entire manufacturing process of these CBD products. Owing to justifying the importing expenses of hemp, the cost for CannazAll CBD products are very much pocket-friendly. CannazAll caters to a vast CBD product range, with the ready availability of third party laboratory testing. But then, it is only done on demand and is never advertised publicly. Moreover, they have a different CBD product range for the adorable pet buddies.

CannazAll Quick summary

CannazAll – the inside story

A lot of controversy surrounds the Hemp Life Today’s CannazAll range of CBD products. All products of CannazAll are manufactured with premium quality American-grown hemp, which is processed with usage of the clean method of CO2 extraction.

These CBD products are all hemp-made and legalized across U.S.A.’s all the 50 states. America’s Hemp Life Today owns this Company. Besides this, there is not much information related to the background of the Company.

CannazAll – product line

CannazAll caters to an extensive product range of CBD. All the products cater to the requirement of all kinds of CBD users in the U.S.A. 

CannazAll CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture is an all-rounder in the Company’s product. The entire hemp utilized in the extraction of this CBD originates from the American-grown hemp. The whole process of mining and bottling takes place in the U.S.A. Company.

There are two different sizes for this CBD tincture: – 500 mg and 250mg. And 25 dosages are present in a 250mg glass bottle, while 50 dosages in a 500mg glass bottle. The pricing is provided below for ready reference –

For CBD tincture of 250 mg – 

  • One bottle costs $29
  • Two bottles cost $55
  • Four bottles cost $100
  • Six bottles cost $135

For CBD tincture of 500mg –

  • One bottle cost  $60
  • Two bottles cost $110
  • Three bottles cost $150
  • Six bottles cost $270

As observed, there is quite a profit in which a customer is willing to purchase the same and has the will to make one! He should order many bottles at one go to avail these offers by the Company.  Moreover, the Company caters for free of cost shipping when more than one container is purchased.

Concentrated CBD Oil

CannazAll’s concentrated CBD oil product is designed for the intake of  CBD in large doses, especially for epilepsy or anxiety.

It is available in 300mg and 800mg, and available in syringe form, to measure directly out of the needle. Prices provided below are as follows:

For the syringes of 300mg:

  • One syringe cost $36
  • Two syringes cost $66
  • Four syringes cost $120
  • Six syringes cost $162

For the syringes of 800mg:

  • One syringe costs $88
  • Two syringes cost $160
  • Three syringes cost $216
  • Six syringes cost $384

The Company believes in offering free shipping while purchasing more than one item.

CBD E-Liquid

CBD E-liquid by CannazAll is made explicitly for vaping, and these vials can be inserted directly into your vaporizer. There is no requirement of adding any additional substance in the same. It is available in single flavor – Island Punch, with every vial of 5 ml of e-liquid, besides 60mg of CBD. The cost is provided below:

  • Four bottles cost $52
  • Six bottles cost $72
  • Twelve bottles cost $120
  • Eighteen bottles cost $162

CBD Gel Caps

CannazAll’s CBD Gel Capsules are formulated especially for those who do not prefer the CBD oil taste or prefer packaged doses rightly. The capsules make it much more comfortable to ingest the exact dosage, all time.

Capsules are never recommended for immediate relief while using CBD, as it takes longer for gel capsules to show the right reaction on the body. Every gel caps container consists of 30 dosages, along with the individual tablet having 25 mg of CBD. All CannazAll products have discounts, along with free shipping when you buy more than a single box. The price list is provided below, following the right scheme:

  • One jar costs $79
  • Two jars cost $150
  • Three jars cost $202
  • Six jars cost $360

CBD Skin Salve

The CBD Skin Salve is used in treating psoriasis, eczema, and other skin ailments. 

The interested customers have to get hold of the toll-free customer service line for inquiring about the additional ingredients used for manufacturing this particular product. The valuing for the CBD Skin Salve is listed below:

  • One jar costs $48
  • Two jars cost $88
  • Three jars cost $120
  • Six jars cost $216

CannazAll – Pet products

The final product in the CannazAll range is for adorable pets. This range comes in an appropriate dosing formula for your furry buddies. These products are generally formulated with components aiding your pet in the digestion of CBD. But then their official website does not have any specification related to the product’s ingredients. The CannazAll pet range is used on any mammal, of any size. The advised dose is a single full dropper for pets weighing 10-20lbs. You can adjust the dose easily as per the requirement for your pet. Every bottle consists of CBD of 100 mg, which means it has around 30 dosages. The entire pet range is available in two different flavors, along with a natural one. The characteristics are the great ones tasting of bacon and fish. These are well-designed to assist your pets in swallowing. Prices are given below for ready reference –

  • One bottle costs $36
  • Two bottles cost $66
  • Four bottles cost $120
  • Six bottles cost $162

CBD – the related Benefits 

There are people for whom CBD stands as an integral part of their story of healing, both physically and mentally. There are various associated reasons for using CBD, right from relief in any pain to anxiety relief and catering for a good sleep.

CannazAll – relieves anxiety

CBD acts as a powerful, effective anxiolytic, all courtesy to the presence of psychoactive T.H.C., making the CBD reduce anxiety


Anandamide, a neurotransmitter and natural endogenous cannabinoid of the human body, is responsible for increasing appetite and elevating mood amongst various other things.

CannazAll – relieves pain 

Relief from extreme pain is the single most common reason for many using CBD products or medical marijuana. CBD and additional cannabinoids work well as analgesic compounds for all these ailments.

CBD affects certain nociceptive parts of the central nervous system and brain, responsible for sensing pain.

CBD is a powerful pain-relieving natural and organic product, which comes without any side effects of various pharmaceutical pain relievers.

CannazAll – Protects your brain and spine

CBD or cannabidiol is a neuroprotective substance, a compound which, other than protecting nerve cells in the central nervous system from damage, also assists in the processing of the development of new neurons. CBD maintains brain health while acting as a remedial therapeutic measure for the one’s having nerve injuries like spine or brain injury.

Pros and Cons of CannazAll


  • Absorbs fast 
  • Best bioavailability
  • Lab verification result available
  • Convenient for using


  • Sometimes unsuitable
  • Temporary vaping effects
  • Possible health risks
  • Some degree of helpings

Final Verdict on CannazAll – legal or scam?

HempLife Today’s CannazALL line of CBD products produces high-end quality hemp plants that are cultivated in the Company’s agricultural area. All the products are shipped in sealed containers with their additional lab-verification report. Overall, CannazAll is a decent CBD product, with great prices. The product does the right thing, which it should be doing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does pure CannazAll product get one ‘high’?

No, CannazAll CBD products have hemp produced in an organic process. So, the products cater to the natural soothing effect, devoid of any addiction.  

Q. What are the benefits of the CannazAll CBD product?

The most apparent benefit of CannazAll CBD products is that it is pure, and has a soothing effect. It will never get you too ‘high,’ as the cannabinoids act as antioxidants. It helps in protection against any cellular damage while assisting in the production of any anti-anxiety effect. 

Q. Does CannazAll cater to any side effects?

There are no side effects with CannazAll. All of their products range anywhere from 0%-.3% T.H.C. content.

Q. What are the advantages related to its product purchase online?

You will get a better quality product of excellent clarity by purchasing CannazAll products online. What’s more, you can confidentiality securely your procurement and do not have to worry about anyone discovering what you have bought. 

Q. Do CannazAll ship in all countries?

CannazAll ships in all the 50 states, all over the U.S.A.